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10G suspension likely, NYY troublemakers again… There was also evidence of foreign substances leaving

New York Yankees’ Domingo Hermann was ejected for using a foreign object. Considering that the black substance was smeared on the pants where he put his right hand, it seems that there is a reason why he was kicked out without even protesting.카지노사이트

Hermann started on the 17th (Korean time) in an away match against the Toronto Blue Jays in the 2023 Major League Baseball held at the Rogers Center in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. On this day, while recording three scoreless innings without a hit, Hermann was ordered off by the referee.

Hermann broke off a clean start by turning George Springer, Bo Bisset, and Vladimir Guerrero Jr. into a tripartite in the first inning. And in the second inning, Dalton Basho, Matt Chapman, and Whit Merrifield were all tied up, and in the third inning, he also recorded a three-way strike, continuing his ‘perfect’ pitch against the Toronto line.

However, from the 4th inning, Hermann could not get on the mound. While climbing the mound to pitch in the fourth inning, Hermann was examined for foreign substances by the referees. The referees touched Hermann’s right hand several times and checked whether it was sticky. As a result, he was ordered out.

Herman as well as the Yankees coaching staff seemed to accept Herman’s exit without any protest. There seemed to be a reason for that. After being sent off, Hermann was putting his right hand on his waist, and black foreign substances were caught on the pants that Hermann’s hand touched on the relay screen.

This is not the first time Hermann’s foreign body incident has occurred. Hermann was also suspected of using a foreign object against the Minnesota Twins on April 16. ‘’ said, “Hermann was inspected by the referee in the game against Minnesota, and was instructed to ‘wash his hands’ for excessive use of rosin. But he did not wash his hands, and manager Rocco Baldelli expressed his dissatisfaction.” . First of all, Hermann’s 10-game suspension for this incident seems certain.

Controversy is brewing in this head-to-head matchup between Toronto and the Yankees. The previous day (16th), Aaron Judge led the Yankees to victory by performing a one-man show with 2 home runs and 3 walks. However, in the 8th inning, suspicion was raised that Judge stole the Toronto dugout through a side glance. Judge explained that he was staring at the raucous Toronto dugouts because he couldn’t concentrate, but it was clear that some controversial action had taken place.

The game ended with another Yankees victory. In the top of the 8th inning, with a score of 3-3, the judge turned the bat without hesitation when Toronto’s changed pitcher Eric Swanson’s slider was driven into the middle of the strike zone, and 448 feet (about 136.6m) super-large two-run gun exploded to win the game In the top of the ninth inning, he added one more point and scored a wedge.

The Yankees, who took the lead at the end of the game, locked the back door and ended the game as it was, winning two consecutive victories. The controversy is likely to grow as the Yankees win while it is clear that Herman used a foreign substance.

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