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40% discount on Korean beef… “I came at 5 a.m. and barely got it.”

Discount events for Korean beef and seafood are continuing to reduce high prices ahead of Chuseok.

Customers are flocking to prepare for the holidays by buying good products at low prices.

Reporter Park Hong-gu reports.

There was a long line of carts at a large supermarket early in the morning.

These customers came running after hearing about the Korean beef discount event.

The event starts at 9 am, but arrival at 4 or 5 am is standard.

[Jeong Mi-ryeo / Ilwon-dong, Seoul: I came to buy ribs today, but someone couldn’t buy it for the 20th time. (Really?) Yes (What number is your mother now?) This is the 20th time.]

[Kim Yong-jun / Daechi-dong, Seoul: I discussed with my wife yesterday that I should buy this. When I said, ‘I’ll have to bring it to you at 6 a.m.,’ my wife said, ‘It’ll be late.’] This

is an event that offers discounts ranging from 27% to 44% on four Korean beef tenderloin, sirloin, soup, and ribs.

In particular, this event was held ahead of Chuseok and ribs were very popular.

It sold out in just 5 minutes after it went on sale.

Korean beef prices were weak until the first half of this year, but recently recovered to normal levels ahead of the holidays, putting a heavy burden on consumers, and at events, beef is actually being sold below cost.

[Ha Hyun-joo / Large Mart Employee: We planned this event to help livestock farmers and ease the burden on customers’ shopping carts as the Chuseok holiday approaches.]

Even in the seafood section of the supermarket, you can see big discounts on domestically produced products.

To promote consumption of seafood after the discharge of contaminated water from a Japanese nuclear power plant, the government increased the discount rate and the discount limit per person from 10,000 won to 20,000 won.

At this store, you can buy domestic fish at up to 50% discount.

A 30% discount from the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries is added to the store’s own discount of 20%.

Thanks to discount events, consumption of marine products, which먹튀검증 had been slowing down, appears to be recovering.

[Kim Seul-gi / Large Mart Employee: (After the discharge of contaminated water in Japan) Sales of general fresh fish such as cutlassfish, mackerel, and squid were poor by about 15-20%, but sales rose again as discount events were held… .]

Large supermarkets and traditional markets plan to further expand the scope and scope of discounts on Korean agricultural, livestock and marine products until the 28th, when the Chuseok holiday begins.

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