Thursday, 28th September 2023

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A 65-year-old man who tried to send 51 million won to his ‘Kakao Talk girlfriend’… A bright-eyed bank teller saved it

A man in his 60s who almost lost his old age pension of 51 million won in a ‘romance scam’, a scam that steals money after approaching as if looking for a lover online, steals the other person’s heart, prevented the damage with the help of a bank teller .

According to the Gyeonggi Goyang Police Station on the 28th, A (65), a former civil servant, visited a bank in Deokyang-gu on the 3rd and remitted his civil servant pension of 51 million won to another person’s account.

After leaving the bank, Mr. A found out that the transfer was canceled. The other party’s account was already suspended. This is because it was the account where the voice phishing report came in.

However, Mr. A received a different account number from the other party and entered the bank to remit money. Bank clerk B, who had observed this situation from the beginning, was suspicious of this and reported it to the police after looking at A’s statements and phone calls.

The police found that Mr. A became the target of a crime using the romance scam method. Mr. A knew that Mr. C, whom she was trying to send money to, was a woman온라인바카라, but she was a person whose nationality, age, and even gender were unclear.

Mr. A became close with Mr. C, who had approached him through Kakao Talk on June 13, and on the 28th of the same month, she said that she had already remitted 8.78 million won. She received a message saying, “I need money for her child’s surgery, but she has money tied up overseas.” She sent the money without question.

A police official said, “If it wasn’t for the bank teller’s keen eyes, the victim would have lost tens of millions of won in old age funds.” The Goyang Police Station presented a certificate of appreciation to Mr. B, a bank teller.

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