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A court without Marais is ‘Warney’s Playground’

Seoul SK foreign player Jamil Warney (29) is recognized by everyone as the best foreign player in professional basketball. Warney, who became the foreign player MVP this season, tramples under the goal with his overwhelming physicality.

Even Warney had a difficult opponent in the regular season. Changwon LG’s Assem Marais (31) was one of the players who bothered Warney the most this season.

Warney, who averaged 24.2 points and 11.2 rebounds this season, also scored less than average with 22.0 points and 10.8 rebounds in six games against LG. Marey, who was selected as the 5th defensive girl in the league with strong defense, was a tough opponent for Warney.

However, there is no Marey in this quarterfinal playoff. He left the last game of the regular season against Hyundai Mobis in Ulsan due to a calf injury. And in LG’s goal without Marey, Warney is mercilessly bombing.

Warney made a big success by scoring 40 points and kicking 11 rebounds in the second leg of the 2022-2023 professional basketball semifinal playoffs held at the Changwon Indoor Gymnasium on the 16th.

Marey’s absence is a big blow for LG, which is in the playoffs. Marey has a short shot distance and not very good speed, but he has a powerful rebound enough to offset this, an excellent screen, and a good vision that is uncharacteristic of a big man. At least on the defensive side, it is an evaluation that surpasses Warney.

LG played a tight match with SK in the regular season with 3 wins and 3 losses. In rebounding in those six games, LG averaged 36.67, outperforming SK with 33.83. In particular, it overwhelms SK with 8.33 with 11.67 offensive rebounds, and Marey’s role was decisive.

With such Marey missing, LG’s power in the playoffs has weakened. LG led by 11 points in the first game, but lost 68-73, but Maray’s replacement foreign player, Reggie Perry, could not replace Maray’s role and dedicated 28 points to Warney.메이저사이트

Perry did his part in the attack with 31 points and 13 rebounds in the second game. However, breathing with the guards, especially Lee Kwan-hee, was not good, and Warney could not control it.

Still, Perry’s attack power was revived by income. SK coach Jeon Hee-chul said after the match, “Perry seems to get scared as he plays. He seems to have to finish in the 3rd game,” he did not let down his guard. At the 3rd game, which moved to the Jamsil Student Gymnasium, attention is focused on the confrontation between Warney and Perry.

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