Thursday, 28th September 2023

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When you have faults, do not fear to abandon them


“A lot of diapers and trash in the place where 5 children and 4 adults left”… Tears of the Chicken Shop Owner

Netizens are outraged at the story that a먹튀검증 customer with children stayed at the restaurant for a long time, bought food from outside and left behind diapers and other garbage.

On the 5th, in an online community, an article titled ‘It has become a matter of course’ was posted. According to the article, a total of 9 customers, 4 adults and 5 children, visited the chicken restaurant run by Mr. A, who is mainly involved in hall business.

Mr. A said that he had listened to the customer’s request to set up an outdoor table and a snack table for the children to play and attach two tables.

In addition, Mr. A said, “The mothers were unable to take care of the children because they were drinking, and the other customers were also uncomfortable, so I asked for understanding and apologized instead.” I did not receive it and sent it,” he wrote.

In addition, Mr. A said, “It is forbidden to bring outside food, but the seat was littered with garbage because I bought my children from the convenience store next door.”

Mr. A explained that customers came at 7 pm and ate 140,000 won worth of food by midnight, and released a picture of a seat full of garbage.

Then, Mr. A said, “I was drunk, but I was doing well with the calculations, and I was patting myself, but the next day, I was surprised when I called and said that the price for two more bottles of soju came out.” .

He added, “I’m patient because it’s a neighborhood business, but I’m curious if they leave all the trash like that these days, or if it’s just our store.”

Self-employed people who read this article said, “This is an act outside common sense. You are a real customer and if you keep remembering it, you will only get stressed, so forget it”, “People have no conscience”, “The world is full of gold. They don’t even have basic education like that. “, “It’s strange that I came here for a drink with my kids”, “I have to do a no-kids zone”, etc.

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