Thursday, 28th September 2023

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When you have faults, do not fear to abandon them


A US university that lost 20 years of research due to a cleaner’s mistake, a lawsuit for 1.3 billion won 

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The first is a $1 million damages lawsuit filed in the United States over freezer power.

The Lancerier Institute of Technology in New York, USA, has recently filed a lawsuit against a company that has a cleaning service contract for 1 million dollars and 1.3 billion won in our money, and attention is focused on the background.

This is because the janitor belonging to the company made a mistake and 20 years of data stored in the laboratory freezer became a waste.

The incident occurred in September 2020, and at the time, the research team found that the laboratory freezer, which maintained a certain temperature, went up to 78 degrees below zero that day and sounded an alarm.

Therefore, after taking urgent measures to prevent damage to cultured cell samples and research samples, they attached a notice not to turn off the power even if a warning sounded until the repair engineer arrived, and even installed a lock on the outlet.

However, it is said that most of the 20-year research samples were eventually discarded as a cleaner who heard a loud warning sound while cleaning the lab turned off the circuit breaker altogether, causing the freezer temperature to rise rapidly.

However, the school excluded the cleaners who turned off the power from the lawsuit and held the cleaning company accountable.

As for the reason, he said that people can make mistakes, and that the core of this case was that the company did not properly train its employees.

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