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‘Ace Killer’ 19-year-old rookie, something beyond 150 km… Why KIA’s future has become the present

The rookie pitcher, who was thought to be the future of the KIA Tigers, has become the present. He showed a spirit that was not pushed even in the fight against the aces. He has something that survives the 150km era. This is the story of Yoon Young-chul (19), the fifth starting pitcher for the KIA Tigers. 

Yoon Young-cheol started against Lotte on the 3rd and led the team to a 10-2 victory by fighting back with 5 hits, 1 walk, 3 strikeouts and 1 run in 5 innings. A reverse fight that stopped Lotte’s 9-game winning streak. It was also the first win in the KBO that Yoon Young-chul will never forget. 

Yoon Young-cheol does not throw 150 km. He’s even tough at 140km. However, Yoon Young-chul bravely challenged himself to the professional stage with something more than restraint, and he is not being pushed back in the fight against his seniors.

In particular, against Lotte on the 3rd, he won a complete victory against Na Gyun-an, the best pitcher in the league, who had an ERA of 1.34 in April. Previously, on April 27, against NC, he played 5 scoreless innings, and the opponent was the league’s left-handed ace, Chang-mo Koo. Although he did not become the winning pitcher in the NC match, KIA won 5-0 as Yoon Young-cheol endured. At this level, it is safe to say that he is an ace killer.

This ace killer’s weapons are Deception and Command. After the windup, his left hand is completely hidden behind his body. Because he hides the ball and throws it, it is not easy to figure out what the batter is pitching. Response time is naturally slow. This is why he has power beyond redemption. And this ball goes all the way to the ninth pitch. He has the ability to accurately spread the ball on the desired course.

In addition, it has a position that is not exposed to restraint. According to the pitch tracking system (PTS) of ‘Sports to I’, the average speed of Yoon Young-chul’s fastball is only 137.4 km. However, he has a vertical movement of 32.6 cm. The ball falls naturally after being thrown due to gravity, but Yoon Young-chul means that it falls less by 32.6 cm. He ranks 14th among pitchers with 50 or more fastballs. The revolutions per minute (RPM) is also 2743.2, which is 8th in the league. There is not much difference from 2754.6 revolutions per minute of Ahn Woo-jin (Kiwoom), who throws 159 km. Even though his velocity is at the bottom, his pitch is at the top of the league.

Director Kim Jong-guk is satisfied with his current performance. He just wants him to do it like he does now. Director Kim Jong-guk said, “The command and reception are good and the operation is stable. Actually, I didn’t expect much. Just having a 19-year-old high school rookie do this much is perfect for a coach. I’m looking forward to the future because he blocked it better, but it could be a burden on me.”

I decided to think about the arrest later.스포츠토토 Manager Kim said, “I will have a wish that the restraint will come out better, and it will be regrettable. However, the current coaching staff thinks that they can lose all their strengths if they are greedy for the restraint now. When the season is over, I will leave it as it is,” he said. “If you increase weight training after the season and introduce other training methods while driving, the speed will increase little by little and you will get better. This is something to think about after the season,” he emphasized. 

It has yet to show only a small part of its potential. How far can Yoon Young-cheol’s growth go? 

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