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Apgujeong Apartment ‘Andre Citroen’ Building?… Criticism explodes for “pretentiousness”, it turns out

 While the reconstruction plan for the ‘Apgujeong District 2’ (Shin Hyundai Apartment) in Gangnam-gu, Seoul was revealed, it is known that the same name of the apartment was built in French, and criticism is pouring in. Opinions such as “hands and feet shriveled up from being overly bravado”, “the epitome of pariah capitalism”, and “I’m afraid the French will see it” are the main opinions.

On the 4th, in an online community, the Apgujeong District 2 reconstruction plan became a hot topic. The complex consists of buildings 101 to 106, and it was suggested that each building have a separate name in French.

Building 101 is ‘Belleville’, building 102 is ‘Monceau’, building 103 is ‘Tuilere’, building 104 is ‘Floral de Paris’, building 105 is ‘Andre Citroen’, and building 106 is ‘Promenade Plante’.

These words are all French: ‘Belleville’ is ‘beautiful city’, ‘Monceau’ and ‘Floral de Paris’ are parks in Paris, France, ‘Andre Citroen’ is the founder of the Citroën car, and ‘Tuileries’ is the Louvre and Tuileries. The name of the garden between the palaces먹튀검증, ‘Promenade Plante’ means a promenade.

The design plan proposes to name the 120,000 square meter (approximately 36,000 pyeong) garden in the complex as ‘Grand Apeje’.

One netizen pointed out, “I heard that French was used as a common language among intellectuals in modern Europe, but it seems that it has gone to the modern era.

However, if you look at the actual design of DA Architects, which was elected as the designer of Apgujeong District 2, the name is not the same name, but the name of the sky lounge to be built on each building. DA Architecture’s YouTube video introducing the design plan explains, “The six sky lounges were curated with the motif of a castle in Paris.”

The names of the buildings are 101 to 106, just like any other apartment building.

DA Architecture has revealed that the design of this apartment was borrowed from the Palace of Versailles in France. As a result, it seems that French was used a lot in the names of the facilities. In addition, the fact that Dominique Perrault, a world-renowned French architect, participated in the design seems to have had an impact.

Apgujeong District 2 is a project to newly build approximately 2,700 units from the existing 1,924 units of the 9th, 11th, and 12th units of Shin Hyundai Apartment in the area of ​​434 Apgujeong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul. On the 24th of last month, DA Architecture was selected as a design service company through the regular general meeting of the reconstruction association. The design cost is about 14.4 billion won.

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