Thursday, 1st June 2023

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At least 160 billion Bellingham, “Remain in Dortmund”

Hot Potato’ Jude Bellingham (19), the present and future of English football, will remain at Borussia Dortmund for now.

The British Times reported on the 17th that “Bellingham, the England national team midfielder, does not think it is necessary to forcefully push for a transfer in the transfer market this summer.”

Bellingham is Dortmund’s key midfielder. He has 4 goals and 4 assists in 27 appearances this season and 10 goals and 7 assists across all competitions. He played an active role as a key player for England at the World Cup in Qatar last December.

Bellingham is a target for major European clubs. Rumors of a transfer this summer are circulating. Real Madrid, Manchester City, Liverpool, etc.

Recently, the British BBC and Sky Sports reported that Liverpool had withdrawn from the battle for Bellingham. Considering that the transfer fee will be more than 100 million pounds (163.3 billion won), it is known that it was difficult to have it in the summer.

Real Madrid decided not to spend huge sums in the summer transfer window due to the cost of building a new stadium. In addition, there are cases where players from England in the past had difficulty adapting to real life. Still interested, but unwilling to engage in the money battle. With Toni Kroos and Luka Modric renewing their contracts imminent,안전놀이터 he was convinced that he would withdraw his hand from Bellingham.

The Times believes that Bellingham will not step up too much on his own. He would rather stay at Dortmund than move to a club that doesn’t suit his style. If there is no sign offer from the team you want, you will play for Dortmund next season. In the summer of 2024, he said he plans to carefully review the future, and practically nailed his stay.

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