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When you have faults, do not fear to abandon them


‘Basketball President’ The worst mistake in basketball life, the Day One incident left the biggest stain on Korean basketball

For ‘Basketball President’ CEO Heo Jae, Day One Sports is the worst mistake of his life.

Can we leave out the name Heo Jae in Korean basketball history? During his active career, he boasted the best skills ever, and as a manager, he won two championships with Jeonju KCC. However, his one year with Day One is likely to be the worst mistake of his basketball career.

Until the 15th, Day One could not solve even one of the homework given to them, such as wage arrears, relocation to Busan, and finding a naming sponsor company. Even CEO Park Noh-ha and the front desk were out of contact, so no doctor could be confirmed.

Day One’s past, which went wrong from the start, will remain as the biggest stain in Korean basketball history. And on the 16th, the KBL Board of Directors will decide the fate of the players who suffered damage from Day One. Currently, the negative gaze is thick.

It’s not just one or two issues that need to be addressed. The issue of unpaid wages for the players is just one issue that needs to be addressed. They couldn’t even come up with any financial solutions, such as subcontractors and the acquisition price to be paid to Orion. In the worst case, it can lead to legal battles due to the avoidance of responsibility by those involved.

Even if you look at the details aside, the Day One problem is serious. In particular, the reputation of President Heo, who can be said to be an adult in the basketball world, also went through cracks. He is a key manager of Day One as a co-CEO along with CEO Park. However, CEO Heo could not come up with any solution when the players were starving and the subcontractors were struggling.

Even at the founding ceremony in August, CEO Heo said, “There may be some concerns and worries that the club will not be able to go in the long term, but please keep an eye on it. You will know that it is a good club and a strong club.” His rants turned out to be bluffs in the end.

Often in the basketball world, the evaluation that President Huh is just the face of Day One was dominant. If you express it well, yes. Because of this, most of the responses were that they needed to find CEO Park to figure out the real problem of Day One.

That’s not wrong. However, CEO Huh also had to take care of and embrace the players who were his juniors and family members, as he was in the end his key manager. In fact, Day One players say that when these problems occurred and they were suffering from unpaid wages, they did not hear a proper solution or receive comfort from anyone. The word ‘to anyone’ includes CEO Heo.

The news that CEO Huh is appearing on a variety show recently spread. It was an unwelcome story in a situation where the company he represented and the club were on the brink of dissolution. It was something no responsible man should have done.안전놀이터

The man who was the pride of Korean basketball has now become a traitor. In the history of KBL, which maintained 10 clubs despite going through twists and turns for 26 years, it made the worst mistake to play the season while reducing to 9 clubs. He is saddened in many ways, but only sighs come out.

Will CEO Heo appear at KBL on the 16th? In the end, someone has to take responsibility. Representative Heo is not free from this responsibility.

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