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Batboy and Batgirl are also subject to evaluation… MLB rule revision ‘detail’ tweaked

Major League announced three rule changes ahead of this season and introduced them from the demonstration game. Prior to the opening, the details were modified by reflecting the opinions of the field here.

On the 23rd (Korean time), the Major League Secretariat delivered a four-page document containing amendments to the revised rules to 30 clubs. The frame of the pitch clock, shift limit, and bass size expansion remains the same, but the details have been corrected. All 7 parts.

American The Athletic explained, “The biggest change is the use of the challenge (video reading) for the shift limit.” The offensive team may not challenge the position of a fielder that is not related to the play. For example, you cannot request a video review for a ball hit by the shortstop just because the position of the second baseman is out of range.

The remaining six amendments are:
② When a batter falls down to avoid a pitch, the pitch clock starts after the batter settles down and moves to the edge of the batter box. The same is true when a batter swings and loses balance or drops his helmet.

③ After the pitcher has covered first base, the clock must be stopped until the pitcher is on the infield grass. When backing up to third base or home plate, the clock does not run until the pitcher is in fair territory.

④ When the inning is over when the catcher is on base, at-bat, or at-bat, the umpire may give extra time at his discretion. However, the umpire must observe that the catcher does not delay the game.

⑤ Batboy and Batgirl must discuss the away team’s preferred gear before each series. Major League Baseball evaluates the ability of Batboy and Batgirl to play.

⑥ The batter’s time-out ends when the player returns to the batter box or informs the referee that preparations are complete. If the batter misses the plate once, the umpire judges that he has used one timeout, and may declare a pitch clock violation thereafter. However, if the batter makes a good turn at bat with more than 8 seconds remaining on the timer, and the pitcher is not stepping on the pitch at this time, it is not considered a timeout.

⑦ If a malfunction of the pitch com (sign transceiver) occurs, the pitcher and catcher must immediately request time and notify the fact.메이저사이트 However, the pitch clock will not stop if a player forgets to put on his equipment in the dugout. A team may prevent a pitch clock violation by refusing to use the coach’s visit to the mound or pitch com.

The Athletic praised the secretariat’s quick decision, saying, “It’s fortunate that we managed to resolve the issue (through the exhibition game) before the regular season was split between wins and losses due to unforeseen results.”

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