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When you have faults, do not fear to abandon them


‘Best defender’ Moon Seong-gon, what is the secret to stop Oh Se-geun from meeting the enemy?

Moon Seong-gon is the best defender in professional basketball who has won the best defense award in the past four seasons.메이저사이트

For Moon Seong-gon, who is making a fresh start in a new team, the most threatening opponent is Oh Se-geun, whom he now has to face as an enemy.

Reporter Heo Jae-won met Moon Seong-gon.

Moon Seong-gon and Oh Se-geun, who won the combined championship of KGC Ginseng Corporation.

As a twist of fate, the two players side by side will now meet as enemies in their new team.

[Moon Seong-gon / Suwon KT forward: My brother said a lot that he was fortunate to be on our team. But now that we are meeting as the opposing team, I have to study (Oh) Se-geun more.] Even Se-geun

“Lion King” Oh Se-geun is a burdensome opponent for professional basketball’s best defender Moon Seong-gon, who swept the Best Defense Award for four seasons in a row.

When asked about the secret plan to stop Oh Se-geun, an unexpected answer comes back.

[Moon Seong-gon / Suwon KT forward: I have to cut it off with a foul. (Laughter) We have to block it as much as possible. hold on to not coming in. Still, if the young me bothers even a little bit, won’t Se-geun hyung give up… .]

Ahead of the FA contract, which was the biggest decision of my basketball life, the person who gave me the greatest strength was my loving wife.

Moon Seong-gon has a lot of advice he wants to give to his wife, who is a soccer player in an entertainment program.

[Moon Seong-gon / Suwon KT forward: Isn’t soccer similar to basketball? I have to space (secure space) and when I talk like this, I talk like a friend that my wife is different.] Seong-gon

Moon, who started a new life in basketball at KT, said goodbye with a mixed feeling and pledged a new start.

[Moon Seong-gon / Suwon KT forward: Anyang fans loved it so much. Thank you so much for caring for a lacking player with affection. I want to say that I was happy.]

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