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Can Gangwon FC turn around in the FA Cup?

Gangwon FC, which is in crisis, goes to the FA Cup to reverse the atmosphere.

Gangwon, led by coach Choi Yong-soo, will play the 4th round (R16) of the FA Cup against Gimpo FC at 7:00 pm on the 24th at the soccer field of Gimpo Salteo Sports Park. Gangwon, which was eliminated last year by losing 0-2 to Suwon Samsung in the 4th round, is determined to succeed in advancing to the quarterfinals this time.

From Gangwon’s point of view, besides simply advancing to the quarterfinals, it is necessary to win this game to reverse the atmosphere. Gangwon is currently scoreless in four consecutive matches in the league. During this period, they suffered 1 draw and 3 losses, and are still in 11th place, at the bottom of the league. Even though it’s not a league game, we need to win the FA Cup to create a good atmosphere ahead of the FC Seoul away game scheduled on the 28th.

But the opponent is not formidable. Gimpo FC, a member of K-League 2, the second division, is a new club in its second year as a pro, but it is the only undefeated (7 wins, 5 draws) in K-League 1 and 2 this season, and is at the top of K-League 2. If you dare to line up the current performance of the 25 professional clubs belonging to the K-League 1 and 2, they are only two steps below Gangwon. Moreover, the fact that this match will be held at Gimpo’s home is a burden for Gangwon.

As difficulties are expected, Gangwon seems to have to field key players. In particular, striker Lee Jeong-hyeop, who has returned from injury, is expected to play an active role. Lee Jung-hyeop was put in as a last-minute substitute in the second half against the Pohang Steelers on the 21st, and had a comeback after 3 months. After the match against Pohang, coach Choi Yong-soo said of Lee Jeong-hyeop, “I played for about 15 minutes, but he has an advantage in the air, and he has good linkage play with players around him.” there is. Attention is focusing on whether Lee Jeong-hyeop can become the savior of Gangwon in crisis.

On the other hand, goalkeeper Yoo Sang-hoon,토토사이트 who was selected as the game’s MVP for the last game against Pohang, was selected as the best 11 goalkeeper in the 14th round of the K-League 1.

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