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Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau splits divorce after 18 years of marriage

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (51) is divorcing after 18 years of marriage. According to the Associated

Press on the 2nd (local time) , Prime Minister Trudeau said on his Instagram, “After many meaningful and difficult conversations, his wife Sophie and I have decided to divorce.” “As always, we will remain with a deep love and respect for each other and all the things we have made먹튀검증 and will create together,” he said. He also added, “We ask that you respect our privacy for the well-being of our children.” Prime Minister Trudeau has known his brother’s classmate, Sophie Trudeau, 48, since childhood, and met again after hosting her 2003 charity event together. She has since married in 2005 and has two sons and one daughter. The children are 15, 14 and 9 years old. Sophie Trudeau is a former model and TV presenter. The Trudeau couple didn’t bother to hide that their relationship hadn’t been good before. It has been rare in recent years for the prime minister and his wife to appear together in public. Canada’s Prime Minister’s Office said the Trudeau couple had signed divorce papers and that they were both focusing on providing a safe and supportive environment for raising their children. Prime Minister Trudeau’s family is going on a family vacation next week. Mrs. Trudeau said she plans to move her residence to another place in Ottawa, but plans to spend much of her time at the Prime Minister’s Office (Rideau Cottage) to raise her children.

This is the second time a Canadian prime minister has announced a divorce while in office. The previous case is former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, Trudeau’s father. Former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau served as Prime Minister for 17 years, from 1968 to 1979 and 1980 to 1984, and divorced his wife Margaret in 1979 and divorced in 1984.

In his 2014 book, Common Ground, Prime Minister Trudeau said that his childhood experience during his parents’ separation had “taken a toll on his public life.” At the time, he wrote, “the demands imposed by my parents’ lives affected them much more than normal parental stress.”

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