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‘Cha Beom-geun and Cha Du-ri’ selected as soccer leaders, father and son favorite… The second place is ‘Son Woong-jeong and Son Heung-min’

The Korea Football Association (KFA) monthly technical report ‘Onside’ conducted a survey of 756 soccer leaders across the country in celebration of May, the month of family. The coach of the national soccer team and the advisor to the national soccer team, Cha Doo-ri, were selected as the father-son relationship that domestic soccer leaders feel most favorably.

According to the survey, to the question, ‘Among the well-known wealthy footballers in Korea, who do you like the most?’, ‘Cha Beom-geun and Cha Du-ri’ were selected by 40.1% (302 people) of the respondents and ranked first. Both father and son seem to have received high praise for supporting each other while building successful careers as soccer players, including participating in the World Cup.

The second place is ‘Son Woong-jeong and Son Heung-min’, who are famous for raising their son to become a world-class player through customized guidance. It received support from 30.6% (231 people). It was followed by ‘Kim Ki-dong and Kim Jun-ho’ and ‘Ki-hyung and Lee Ho-jae’. ‘Shin Tae-yong, Shin Jae-won & Shin Jae-hyeok and his son’ were in 5th place.

This survey was conducted as an online survey through a Google form with the theme of ‘Soccer Leader’s Family Relationship Report’. Various contents about ‘generational football’, family ties of those who are engaged in a special occupation called football, and ‘words to family’ were confirmed.

In addition, it was confirmed that more than 6 out of 10 soccer leaders are positive about ‘passing down the generations as a soccer person’. 온라인카지노Do you want your children to play football professionally?

The percentage of respondents who currently have children who answered ‘yes’ was 67.1%, slightly higher than the percentage of respondents who did not have children who answered ‘yes’ at 63.3%. We can see that there are many leaders who want to raise their children to be soccer players, whether or not they have children.

As for the reason for wanting to play soccer, the answer that ‘Even if you don’t succeed in soccer, there are many things to learn from soccer’ received an overwhelming response. This was the answer chosen by 70% (435 people) out of 621 respondents. Next came ‘Show talent in soccer (10.8%)’ and ‘My child wants to play soccer (10.1%)’.

Conversely, when asked why they did not want to play football, 212 (45.6%) of the 465 respondents answered that they did not want to pass on the difficult experience. ‘He seems to have no aptitude or talent (24.5%)’ and ‘My child hates soccer (17.4%)’ followed.

The full text of the soccer leader’s family relationship report can be found in the May issue of <Onside>. In the project ‘Family Outing’, you can also meet the stories of families who are on the ground in various forms such as father and son, husband and wife, brothers, sisters, and siblings.

In addition, various contents such as Oh Hyun-jung, Kim Yoo-jung’s challenge story, Kwon Jeong-hyeok’s goalkeeper skill know-how, Park Seung-soo of ‘High School Stage Mbappe’, and Dr. Sang-woo Lee’s player psychological counseling center, etc. put together with

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