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‘Chiaksan Mountain’, a movie about a murder mystery, released as scheduled… Temporary injunction to ban screenings dismissed

The horror film Chiaksan, for which Wonju City filed an injunction to ban its screening, saying it would damage the local image, will be released as scheduled tomorrow (13th).

The court ruled that it was difficult to say that the reputation of Chiaksan Mountain was damaged by the movie.

This is reporter Lee Sang-hyun.


Chiaksan, a horror film based on a ghost story about a dismemberment that occurred in the 1980s.

Last month, a poster showing a dismembered body was released, sparking backlash from Wonju City.

Wonju City requested that the name Chiaksan Mountain be removed from the entire film, citing concerns that the film would damage its image and damage the tourism industry by turning untrue rumors into a film.

However, when it was not accepted due to reasons such as the lead actor’s enlistment and release schedule, an injunction was filed to ban the film from being screened.

On the 12th, a day before the film’s release, the court dismissed all applications filed by Wonju City and citizens.

The Seoul Central District Court explained the reason for the ruling, saying, “It cannot be predicted that the reputation of Chiak Mountain will be damaged or that the public will have a negative impression of Chiak Mountain just because it appears in the background of a horror movie.”

The film production company expressed regret that it led to a legal battle even though they stated that the film’s title could be changed.

In particular, he said that this lawsuit had caused damage, such as delays in advance reservations, and asked people to refrain from raising excessive concerns like the court’s judgment.

<Oh Seong-il / Film Chiaksan Producer> “We were unable to open먹튀검증 advance reservations or secure screens in advance, so now that the ruling has been dismissed, reservations are now being opened and screens have been secured…” Wonju City could not block the screening, but it continues to do so

. They stated that they achieved their intended goal of publicizing that the movie was fiction through the opposition movement.

He explained that he will strengthen publicity about the beauty and safety of Chiaksan Mountain so that many people can visit it with peace of mind.

As the controversy surrounding the name of Chiaksan Mountain was resolved after a legal battle, the film was able to meet audiences as scheduled starting Wednesday.

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