Thursday, 1st June 2023

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When you have faults, do not fear to abandon them


Combined championship + largest audience were all illusions… The future of SSG

SSG Landers, the first wire-to-wire winner of the KBO League, is struggling with controversy and ripples. Regarding the recent resignation of former general manager Ryu Seon-gyu, there is a suspicion that outside personnel intervened in the club’s business and personnel affairs. With this in mind, fans staged a truck demonstration in front of SSG headquarters. Some even posted comments on the SNS account of Shinsegae Group Vice Chairman Jung Yong-jin, the owner of the club, to criticize and demand an explanation for the incident.

SSG took over SK Wyverns last year and stepped into the KBO League. It was unclear whether the color of SK, which even had the title of 토토 ‘Dynasty’ in its 20-year history, would be easily erased. However, SSG quickly became a popular club by driving issues, and this year, it was honored as the number one club in crowd mobilization. At the center of that, the results of last year’s 5th round fight and this year’s wire-to-wire championship played a large part, but it is true that direct and indirect communication with fans also played a significant role.

The online fan community is quite shaken by this situation. Even when former manager Ryu resigned, it was a level of regret, considering it a ‘unspeakable inner story’ despite the rare replacement of the team leader. However, as SSG continues to take incomprehensible steps, such as announcing a new head of staff amidst the public opinion surrounding the next appointment, the majority of comments are criticized.

This atmosphere has no choice but to have a significant impact on the preparation of the team for the new season. In a cluttered atmosphere, you can find your own pivot and make a breakthrough, but as the controversy continues, the players are bound to be shaken. Even after the start of preparation for the season, there is a possibility that the atmosphere of the team will fluctuate depending on the front line.

The future of SSG, where tsunami-level waves raged after the joy of winning, is ‘zero clock’.

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