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When you have faults, do not fear to abandon them


‘Companion sluggishness’ Haneulnaerinje and Hansol Remicon… Temporary sluggishness or deterioration?

Is it simple sluggishness or aging? The sluggishness of Skyfall Inje and Hansolemicon is not unusual. 

Sky Down Inje and Hansol Remicon have been strong teams representing Korea’s 3×3 for the past few years. In 2019, Hansol Remicon was the most powerful blocker of the heavenly people while they enjoyed 41 consecutive victories. 

It was Hansol Remicon with Lee Seung-jun, Lee Dong-jun, Kim Chul, Im Won-jun, and Kim Dong-woo that always pushed the heavenly man of Kim Min-seop, Park Min-soo, Bang Deok-won, and Ha Do-hyun to the corner, and the rivalry between the two teams was the Korean 3×3 box office card.  

However, the sluggishness of the two teams this year is not serious. Inje from the Sky is staying at the runner-up in three consecutive competitions, and Hansol Remicon has never made it to the finals in the three competitions. Even in two of them, he suffered the fate of being eliminated from the preliminary round. 

Regardless of the result, both teams are not good at the game. Hansol Remicon, whose height has been lowered due to Lee Dong-jun’s retirement and Lee Seung-jun’s vacancy, is not as good as before to the point of doubting ‘skill deterioration’ at a glance, and Hansol Remicon, which is struggling to climb to the finals, showed its former performance by using the inside and outside efficiently. This trail was hidden. 

In the case of the sky-down in-je, there were no signs of abnormality until the beginning of this year, such as winning consecutive championships in the 1st and 2nd KXO Winter League competitions. However, after the season began in earnest, hidden problems rose like wildfire. 

The sluggishness of Kim Min-seop and Ha Do-hyun is becoming a fatal blow. Currently, the two players, who are suffering from back and ankle injuries, are unable to escape from sluggishness side by side. 

Kim Min-seop, who once played an active role as a shooter representing the men’s 3×3 national team, is disappointing as he cannot play on the court at all. Although it is the aftermath of his back injury, he cannot avoid doubts that his athletic ability has declined significantly since he entered his mid-30s. It hurts Kim Min-seop’s pride. 

Ha Do-hyun, who suffered an ankle ligament rupture injury at the Korea Tour Seoul Tournament last April, is also in a sluggish performance. Last year, when he was selected as the men’s 3×3 national team, his fighting power disappeared. Since Bang Deok-won’s retirement lowered his height, Ha Do-hyun, who did not hesitate to play one-on-one against foreign players, needed to play. However, the current Ha Do-hyeon is making the opponent’s defense comfortable with inefficient attacks or inactive post-ups, circling his outskirts.

It is difficult to look forward to this season unless a dramatic change is made in the sky down In-Zero, where even Seung-jun Noh, who has newly joined the team, is showing a performance that is not up to expectations. 

Inje Kim Min-seop said, “There is an aftermath of the injury, but it is all an excuse. I was not ready. I think it was because I was careless while winning the 1st and 2nd rounds of the KXO Winter League in a row. All the players are feeling a lot, so they are reorganizing.” He said, “It is very natural for the team’s performance to drop as time passes and a strong team to replace us appears. However, it is difficult to accept that our pride is scratched due to our lack of preparation. Right now, this week, KXO Seoul tour I will show you a different side of me from the beginning,” he said, saying that the sky-falling person will not end easily. 

The sluggish performance of Hansolemicon, which is starting the worst season ever, is also not serious. 

The recent move of Hansolemicon, which was eliminated in the preliminaries twice in the three competitions held this year, is awkward. Due to the departure of Lee Dong-jun, Seok Jong-tae, and Lee Hyeon-seung, Hansol Remicon was in a situation where they had to leave for Romania with Lee Seung-jun and only Kim Chul, Lim Won-jun, Kim Dong-woo, and Seo Mun Se-chan to participate in the tournament. In 2019, the men’s 3×3 national team member Park Jin-soo joined the team, but due to the basketball class schedule he runs, he can only join in June.

Even if Lee Seung-jun and Park Jin-su join in June, it is difficult to guarantee their performance because they are veterans in their 30s and 40s. This is because the influx of young players into the 3×3 stage has increased recently, showing a difference from the veterans in terms of momentum. 

Ahead of this season, Hansol Remicon is worried that it has ambitiously recruited Seomun Se-chan from Hanyang University, but it has not yet produced a great synergistic effect. Preface Se-chan should shake the opponent with a lot of activity on the outskirts, but the team’s bottom of the goal is unstable, so it has not been able to stand out so far. On top of that, it is Seomun Se-chan who has hidden even the long-term outside shot.

Hansolemicon Kim Chul said, “Recently, I’ve been hearing a lot of people around me worrying about our team. I’ve been hearing a lot of stories about the aging of key players and the sluggishness of scorers. I’m listening closely. , I haven’t been able to get back on track yet as bad news overlapped, such as a lot of players dropping out.” 

“First of all, we are looking into a lot to recruit additional good players. And inside the team, CEO Kim Jeong-wook is working hard to maintain a good atmosphere, so the players are giving strength. In June, Lee Seung-jun and Park Jin-soo will join. It’s possible, and I think the collaboration with Seomun Se-chan will get better. It’s true that the players themselves are in a down mood, but I’ll overcome it well and show you the original Hansol Remicon sooner or later.” 메이저사이트

Whether Haneulinje and Hansolemicon, which once divided the Korean 3×3, will be able to rebound successfully or fall into decline due to aging, it will be seen in the remaining games.

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