Thursday, 1st June 2023

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When you have faults, do not fear to abandon them


‘Complete win in the first round of PO’ Director Kim Jong-min “I didn’t expect it… It’s best not to go to the 3rd round”

Both teams were surprised by the results of the first round of the women’s volleyball playoffs (PO, 2 wins in 3 matches) that ended unilaterally.

Korea Expressway Corporation beat Hyundai E&C with a set score of 3-1 (25-18 23-25 ​​25-15 25-17) in the first leg of the Dodram 2022-2023 V-League Postseason PO held at Suwon Gymnasium on the 23rd.

The content of the game was more one-sided.

Highway Corporation was ahead of Hyundai E&C (28.48%) with an attack success rate of 35.44%, and its receive efficiency (53.73%) also far exceeded Hyundai E&C (32.16%).

On the other hand, Hyundai E&C had 9 more crime rooms than Road Corporation (19). The main record prior to the road construction was effective blocking (32-28).

After the game, Kim Jong-min, head coach of Korea Expressway Corporation, said, “I was very wary because Hyundai E&C had a winning streak at the beginning of the season. (This result) was not expected.”

At the same time, he looked back and said, “I think we were able to play comfortably because the opponent’s attack direction was focused a lot on one side.”

On this day, only Yvone Montaño (registered name Montaño, 20 points) at Hyundai E&C scored double digits. Outside hitters Hwang Min-kyung and Jeong Ji-yoon and middle blockers Yang Hyo-jin and Lee Da-hyun all scored only 8 points each.

Coach Kim said, “(Park Jung-ah as an apositive spiker) in the formation, the players scored and passed the hurdle well,” he said.

In the past 16 POs, the teams that won the first game all advanced to the championship match, but coach Kim did not let down his guard.

He said, “If the conditions are the same today (advancing to the championship), there seems to be a possibility, but since our players are older, it may be different again,” he said. “Hyundai E&C is obviously a tough team to deal with.”

At the same time, he made a resolution, saying, “I will do my best not to go until the third game.”

Kang Seong-hyeong, the manager of Hyundai E&C, was equally embarrassed by the defeat.

Coach Kang said,카지노 “It’s so frustrating that I wonder if there was a game like this.”

Regarding the plan for the second round, he said, “There is nothing special,” and “Yang Hyo-jin must be saved, and Montaño must also survive.

Regarding Montaño, whose attack success rate (33.33%) was disappointing despite scoring 20 points, he ordered, “I wish he could find (how to attack) the high ball and hit it.”

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