Thursday, 28th September 2023

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When you have faults, do not fear to abandon them


Could it be that I’m screwed again? It’s a Contracting Contractor for the Championship, but 100% in the Demonstration Match. Can I believe it..

 The LG Twins have no faith in foreign batters. No matter how good a hitter is, you start to doubt it.

This is because all the hitters brought in have failed. In 2020, Roberto Ramos made a success story by hitting 38 homers, but the following year he left due to injury, and all three foreign players who came to LG after that fell below expectations.

Justin Boer, who came as a substitute for Ramos, was excluded from the postseason entry with a batting average of 1.57 with 3 home runs and 17 RBIs. Robel Garcia, who came as a substitute, was also kicked out at the end of the regular season with a batting average of .206, 4 homers and 19 RBIs.

Both 2021 and 2022 were close to winning,스포츠토토 so the sluggishness of foreign batters touched more painfully.

This season, LG is being discussed as a strong candidate for the championship. However, this time, we need a foreign hitter especially. Chae Eun-seong, who played an active role as the fourth hitter last year, transferred to the Hanwha Eagles as a free agent and needed a player to fill the position. The best scenario is the performance of foreign hitters.

It is Austin Dean (registered name Austin) who has brought LG’s expectations. A right-handed outfielder, he boasts an accurate hit. He made me look forward to it a little more, especially since he is not a hitter who only pulls, but is also good at pushing.

However, the exhibition game is making me worry again. Austin, who has played in 6 games, is staying at a batting average of 107.6 (3 hits in 17 at-bats). He has no extra-base hits, including a home run, and no RBIs. Austin, who started playing before the Samsung Lions on the 15th due to flank pain, reported his first hit on the 16th, his second game, and also hit the Lotte Giants on the 18th, and seemed to adapt quickly. However, there were no hits for the next two games, and on the 21st against the KIA Tigers, he hit a right-handed hit in his 5th at-bat.

The positive part of his at least is that all three hits were hits that were well hit with regular hits. There is no need to jump to conclusions in that Austin is adapting to the KBO league in demonstration games without participating in practice games due to flank pain. Still, the truth is that he’s not at ease.

The fact that Socrates Brito of the KIA Tigers, who had good results last year, stayed with a batting average of 2.5% in the exhibition game, still raises expectations, but Samsung Jose Pirella, currently considered the best foreign hitter, batted 3.6% in the exhibition game in 2021, the first year. Looking at the good figure of Pun 8 Lee, I am worried again.

Currently, new foreign batters are also experiencing mixed joys and sorrows. SSG Landers’ Heredia is showing a good batting average of 40% with 6 hits in 15 at-bats, and Rojas of the Doosan Bears is also good with a batting average of 303.3 (5 hits in 15 at-bats) with 2 doubles. O’Grady of the Hanwha Eagles only had a batting average of 1.58 (3 hits in 19 at-bats), but two of the three hits were home runs, showing clear power.

Edison Russell, who returned to the Kiwoom Heroes, had a batting average of 1.7% (3 hits in 17 at-bats), and Jason Martin of the NC Dinos had a batting average of less than 10%, 9.1% (1 hit in 11 times). are staying

Will Austin show a better adaptation to the KBO league in the remaining demonstration games? The important thing is to hit well in the regular season, but since LG continues to fail in farming foreign hitters, I can’t help but hope that a blow that can erase a little bit of anxiety will come out.

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