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When you have faults, do not fear to abandon them


“CP3’s first win, I want to help” New Phoenix’s support

Vogel wants to coach Paul.

Phoenix Suns’ new head coach Frank Vogel appeared on ‘SiriusXM NBA Radio’ on the 10th (Korean time). Vogel supported Chris Paul’s stay in Phoenix.스포츠토토

News came out that Paul was considering free agency. Dubbed ‘Point God’, he is a player desired by many teams because of his excellent game management skills and the appearance of a veteran. Rumors have already surfaced that several teams, including the LA Clippers, LA Lakers and New York Knicks, want to sign Paul.

However, manager Vogel believes in Paul’s stay.

Coach Vogel said, “I think Chris Paul has a good chance to win. He will definitely be motivated by this. I want to be the one who helps Paul win his first championship. I conveyed this to Paul. Paul is indescribable. He is a player who has something that is not there.”

Paul averaged 13.9 points this season, a career low in scoring. However, he boasted the appearance of a true field commander, posting an average of 8.9 assists.

Vogel said: “Paul has toughness, BQ and a high understanding of the condition of his teammates in the game. That means he knows what strategy to use to win. Paul’s stay is one of the key factors for next season. “he said.

However, doubts about Paul also remain. He is definitely a player who will go down in history. But now it’s past its heyday. In addition, Paul, who entered the twilight years of his playing career, is plagued by frequent injuries. Even in the playoffs this season, he suffered a groin injury and could not show his skills.

Vogel expressed his confidence in Paul’s health care, referring to his days managing LeBron James at the Los Angeles Lakers.

“Paul has a lot of pressure, but he’s not going to play all 82 games,” Vogel said. I have managed it before. It feels similar to this.”

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