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When you have faults, do not fear to abandon them


Declaration of generational change, ‘consider veteran/unqualified/no reason for disqualification’! 3 things missing from the renewed AG preliminary list

There is no age limit in the Hangzhou Asian Games. However, the KBO decided to make Hangzhou the venue for the league’s generational change.

On the 28th, 198 preliminary entries for the Hangzhou AG baseball team were announced.

The basic qualifications for the AG national team are players under the age of 25 or under the age of 4 years. In the preliminary entry, there are a total of 147 people. To this, 33 wild card candidates and 18 amateur players were added.

Kim Gwang-hyun, Yang Hyeon-jong, and Yang Eui-ji, who previously announced their retirement from the national team, as well as Kang Min-ho, Park Dong-won, Oh Ji-hwan, Park Hae-min, Park Gun-woo, Yang Hyeon-jong, and Na Seong-beom were excluded from the list at once. The Power Reinforcement Committee, which consists of Chairman Jo Gye-hyun, Jang Jong-hun, Kim Dong-soo, Sim Jae-hak, Jung Min-cheol, Lee Jong-yeol, Park Yong-taek, and legends and commentators in each field, shows a strong will for the generational change.

It is also noteworthy that players who were involved in drinking, violence, and school violence were all excluded. Not only Ahn Woo-jin, but Bae Ji-hwan, who is having an impressive early season in the big leagues, is also missing. Bae Ji-hwan was briefly indicted for assault in 2018 and was banned from participating in 30 games by the Major League Secretariat.

The controversy over the ‘military exemption’, which was inevitable for the AG national team, is also breaking through head-on. Unlike in the past, age and annual leave restrictions were newly established, and in the case of wild cards, a clear distribution was made according to skill and position.

In the case of batters, season MVP Lee Jung-hoo, Kim Hye-sung, Choi Ji-hoon, Park Seong-han, Moon Bo-kyung, Lee Jae-won, Roh Si-hwan, Lee Jae-hyun, Kim Ji-chan, Kim Hyun-joon, Han Dong-hee, Hwang Seong-bin, Ahn Jae-seok, Kim Dae-han, Yang Chan-yeol, Kim Joo-won, Kim Do-young, Noh Si-hwan, and Jung Eun-won, were named as undisputed talented beasts. It is noteworthy that Ahn Kwon-soo, a third-generation Korean-Japanese who is the main character of this year’s sensation, has been added.

As expected, one wild card is likely to be used by the catcher. A number of wild card players such as Han Seung-taek, Joo Hyo-sang, Park Dae-on, Ahn Joong-yeol, Kim Ki-yeon, Kim Jae-seong, Kim Jun-tae, and Park Sang-eon were included in the roster. However, in addition to Yang Eui-ji and Kang Min-ho as two top players, even the main catchers in their early 30s, such as Park Dong-won and Yoo Kang-nam, are nowhere to be seen.

As for the pitchers, “young” pitchers who have been proven for many years, such as Go Woo-seok, Gwak-bin, Won Tae-in, Sohn Joon-jun, Lee Eui-ri, Oh Won-seok, Song Myeong-ki, Na Kyun-an, Jung Cheol-won, Kim Yun-shik, Jung Woo-yeong, Jung Hae-young and Kim Jae-woong, are impressive. To this, many promising players who have not yet played a few games in the professional league were added, such as Moon Dong-ju, Kim Seo-hyun, Kim Min-seok, Song Young-jin, Lee Ro-un, Park Myeong-geun, Lee Ho-seong, and Yoon Young-chul.

It is also of interest to see how many wild cards will be used by pitchers. All Wild Card members, including Koo Chang-mo, Park Se-woong, Choi Won-tae, Lee Jeong-yong, and Choi Won-jun, Bae Seong-seong, Eom Sang-baek, and Kim Bum-soo, are players in their 20s.

Japan builds a team centered on social baseball, and Taiwan also does not have the best lineup. Korea is also expected to bring out an ambitious lineup focusing on the experience of international competitions of promising players.스포츠토토

In April of last year and in April of this year, only three wild card players were selected as preliminary entries, Park Se-woong, Choi Won-joon (Doosan), and Bae Seong-seong.

The KBO said, “The national team is changing generations and achieving achievements at the same time so that young players with excellent skills can achieve greater growth through international competition experiences and achievements, and based on this, to show fans a higher level of performance in the KBO League and future international competitions. The selection principle of forming a team that can achieve this was considered first and foremost.”

In this process, attention is also focused on the impact it will have on the KBO League. The national team will be convened in September and will depart for Hangzhou, China after domestic training, and will play on October 1-7. However, the KBO League is not suspended during the same period.

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