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Dejan – Kim Shin-wook, don’t move! Korean defender duo, giant-killing in Hong Kong is ING

 The Hong Kong Rangers’ Korean defender duo Park Jong-beom and Kim Min-gyu, the prestigious Kitsch SC opponent, kill two giants and look forward to advancing to the AFC CUP tournament.

Deyan (41) and Kim Shin-wook (34) of Kitchee SC are not the only players in the Hong Kong Premier League (1st division) this season. Hong Kong Rangers FC (English name: HK Rangers) has two Korean defender duos, Park Jong-beom (25, CB) and Kim Min-gyu (22, RB). 

The performance of the two players stood out in the cup competition against the prestigious Kitsch SC on January 8 and March 15. Park Jong-beom and Kim Min-gyu, who started side by side, led K-League legend strikers Dejan and Kim Shin-wook to a 2-1 and 1-0 victory, respectively. He succeeded in blocking Dejan, who is driving 25 goals (including cup competitions) this season. A team that has been in the relegation zone for many years has beaten a team that is a favorite to win the league twice each year. 

The team’s upward trend was also evident in the league. Currently, Rangers FC, which has played 15 out of 18 rounds, is in 4th place in the league. This is the highest ranking in the last 10 years. Rangers will write the first record in the club’s history if they keep 4th place, which is the last line to advance to the AFC Cup, which is an Asian national club competition determined by the AFC national ranking and considered a lower level of the AFC Champions League.

To put their names on the history of the club, the two Korean players are in the position that they will do their best until the end of the season. What is unusual is that neither player has ever made a professional debut in Korea. They acknowledged the narrow door of professionalism in Korea and turned their sights abroad early on.

First, while attending Jeonju University, Minkyu Kim joined FC Abneil, an independent club, to make his professional debut more quickly. Although the timing of joining coincided with Corona 19, there were many difficulties in advancing overseas, but in 2021, he joined Hoiking SC in the second division of Hong Kong. I was able to transfer to the first division Rangers FC. 

Park Jong-beom, born in 1997, is a case in which the military issue was first resolved. He completed his military service in the Jeonju Citizens Soccer Team as a social worker, and immediately after the discharge, he joined FC Abneil to improve his physical condition and joined Hoi King SC with Kim Min-gyu. Park Jong-beom was also caught on the radar network of Rangers FC, who had already benefited from Kim Min-gyu with his outstanding performance in the first half, and also made his first division debut by transferring to Rangers FC after half a season. 

Rangers FC, which has played up to round 15 of a total of 18 games, aims for the 4th place shooter through the remaining 3 games.카지노 Attention is focusing on whether the team will continue its upward trend in the cup competition against RCFC on the 7th.

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