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Did you come to Klopp? “You buy a 5-year-old a Ferrari” Liverpool criticizes

Is Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp falling for ‘wise man time’?

Controversy is expected when Klopp reveals his true feelings with a nuance that seems to compare Liverpool to a ‘five-year-old’.

According to a report by the British media ‘Mirror’ on the 15th, Klopp said, ‘You can’t buy a Ferrari for a 5-year-old child’ when the recruitment of Jude Bellingham (Dortmund) was canceled, saying that Bellingham is a player beyond Liverpool’s ability.

Bellingham is one of England’s top prospects who stood out the most last season. He showed off his presence properly at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Liverpool have been drooling over Bellingham since three years ago, but they are in trouble as the ransom price has skyrocketed recently.

“Liverpool tried to sign Dortmund superstar Bellingham this summer, but they were flagged because of the price tag,” the Mirror said.

“We’re not kids,” Klopp said. “If a 5-year-old wants a Ferrari for Christmas, he won’t say, ‘Oh, that’s a good idea.’

He described Liverpool as ‘a five-year-old begging to buy a Ferrari’.

“It’s a sad life if that kid spends his whole life unhappy because he can’t own a Ferrari,” Klopp said. is also important,” he said.

Liverpool started to get twisted somewhere in the transfer market last summer. The aging midfield line, with an average age of mid-30s, was not reinforced at all.

Rumors of signing Kylian Mbappe were ripe, but Mbappe suddenly turned to Real Madrid and then suddenly stayed at Paris Saint-Germain.

Liverpool, which has become nothing,메이저놀이터 has come to collect strikers of ambiguous levels such as Darwin Nunes and Cody Gakpo. Now, Belling’s mother, who has worked hard for a long time, is in vain.

Liverpool challenged for 4 crowns in the 2021-2022 season (winner of the Carabao Cup, winner of the FA Cup, runner-up in the Champions League, runner-up in the Premier League). However, this year they fell to 8th in the Premier League.

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