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Dissatisfaction with “full of raw onions” daycare center diet… Netizens “Raise a child at home”

A parent raised a problem with her child’s diet by posting a photo of her child’s daycare center, and was criticized by netizens for saying, “Try childcare at home.”

On the 26th, parent A posted several pictures of the food plate on an online community, saying, “It’s a child’s daycare menu, but isn’t this a problem?”

Mr. A said, “My child keeps getting a stomach ache these days when he comes home from daycare. It’s food for children, so why put so much green onion in the soup?” That’s how raw green onions went into the soup,” he complained.

Then, “I wish I didn’t even eat kimchi. In fact, when먹튀검증 I look at the plate I finished eating, there is red pepper powder in places, as if I didn’t wash the kimchi clean. The red pepper powder smelled very spicy. I can’t stand it.”

Also, “If a daycare center asks you to send pictures of your child eating or sleeping, is that the truth? They keep sending pictures of their daily life to Kids’ Note, but they never send pictures of them eating or sleeping. Isn’t that the case with other places as well? ” he asked.

Despite Mr. A’s complaint, netizens who saw the photo responded that there was no problem with the lunch menu. Rather, it was pointed out that asking for pictures of children during busy lunchtime is not a ‘true parent’.

One netizen said, “If you don’t want to feed kimchi, take care of it at home. It’s a group life, so why do you have to adapt it to your child? If you say you don’t eat it, don’t feed it. and criticized the parents.

Another netizen commented, “When eating, I give the kids spoons, chopsticks, forks, water, and trays. I sometimes have to feed the kids who don’t eat, and it’s hard to sit and feed the kids who leave their seats. I can’t take pictures of them eating.” I have to write notes, organize photos, and clean up after myself, so I can’t even take a picture while sleeping.” Then, he explained, “The picture of the tray is really great. The actual amount given to the children will be less than a third. The picture of that tray is mostly for teachers or photos, and the green onion and sesame seeds are used for decoration, so it seems to be made to look rich.” .

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