Thursday, 28th September 2023

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Doctor’s apartment, bank teller Benz… Ra Deok-yeon’s per capita property was additionally frozen

In relation to the SG (Societe General) stock market crash먹튀검증, the property worth 700 million won of the gang of Ra Deok-yeon (42, indicted under arrest), who is suspected of manipulating the market price, was additionally frozen. The amount of compensation permitted by the court against them increased to 22.1 billion won.

According to the legal community on the 12th, the Seoul Southern District Prosecutor’s Office and the joint investigation team of the financial authorities requested additional collection and preservation of La’s family’s property and received a citation decision from the court at the end of last month.

The additionally frozen property includes an apartment and land owned by the hospital director, Jumo (50, indicted under arrest), who oversaw business with doctors, as well as bank deposits and stocks. The BMW

car of Mr. Jo (42, indictment), who oversaw customer management such as investors , and the Mercedes-Benz car of Mr. Kim (50), the head of the corporate finance team at a commercial bank who helped attract investors, were also collected and preserved. The property of the Laci family, which has been frozen so far, including the value of 700 million won this time, is about 22.1 billion won. The amount of unfair profits identified by the investigation team is about 730.5 billion won. Prosecutors will continue to track the property hidden by Mr. La and his accomplices and take steps to recover the proceeds of crime.

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