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“Don’t come during Halloween”… Japan’s Shibuya mentions ‘Itaewon disaster’

Shibuya, the busiest district in Tokyo, Japan and known as a famous ‘Halloween party’ spot, mentioned the ‘Itaewon disaster’ and asked people to refrain from visiting during Halloween this year.

According to foreign media such as Kyodo News on the 12th (local time), Shibuya Ward Mayor Ken Hasebe said at a press conference that day, “It is not surprising if something like a ‘miscellaneous road accident’ occurs in Seoul, Korea.” “If that’s your goal, I hope you don’t come to Shibuya,” he appealed.

This appears to be a warning about the danger, referring to the먹튀검증 stampede accident that occurred in Itaewon, Yongsan-gu, Seoul on October 29 last year.

He continued, “It is expected that there will be many visitors, including foreigners, visiting Japan,” and expressed concern that “there is a strong sense of crisis regarding safety.”

He also repeatedly emphasized, “Street drinking is causing fights and creating a garbage problem,” and “Shibuya is not a place for Halloween events.”

In accordance with an ordinance prepared to prevent accidents during the Halloween period, Shibuya City plans to ban street drinking around Shibuya Station from the evening of the 27th of next month until the early morning of November 1st.

We plan to request that stores near Shibuya Station not sell alcohol on the 31st of next month, the day of Halloween, and on the 28th, the Saturday before.

Japanese police and administrative authorities also strengthened security during Halloween last year in the wake of the stampede in Itaewon, Seoul.

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