Thursday, 28th September 2023

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When you have faults, do not fear to abandon them


Even if you park your car in the sidewalk for 1 minute… If you report it through the app, a penalty of 40,000 won will be imposed from August

1. Even if you park your car on the sidewalk for 1 minute… Fines of KRW 40,000 will be imposed from August when reporting through the app If you

report a vehicle illegally parked and stopped in India through the ‘Safety Report’ app, fines will be imposed from August 1st. Illegal Parking Resident Reporting System is a system in which illegal parking is taken at regular intervals and reported through the Safety Reporter app. The standard for reporting illegal parking, which was different for each local government, was unified to 1 minute. The fine for illegal parking is KRW 40,000 for a passenger car (KRW 80,000 for a fire hydrant and KRW 120,000 for a child protection zone). Illegal parking residents report system ▲ within 5m of fire hydrant ▲ within 5m of intersection corner ▲ within 10m of bus stop ▲ crosswalk ▲ children’s protection area in front of elementary school main gate, sidewalk was added to the existing five zones카지노.

2. “Tears when you see victims of heavy rain” An elderly person in her 80s who received basic income, donated 5 million won

An elderly person who received basic livelihood security donated 5 million won to the Gangseo-gu Office in Seoul to help those who suffered great damage from recent heavy rains. An elderly man in his 80s handed over the donation to a ward office employee and said, “When I see someone who has suffered heavy rain, tears cover my eyes.” The district plans to use this money to support heavy rain damage recovery through the Seoul Social Welfare Community Chest.

3. Ministry of Education “Psychological counseling for teachers at Seoi Elementary School today… Joint investigation as early as tomorrow”

The Ministry of Education announced on the 24th that “a full-fledged investigation will begin tomorrow at the earliest” regarding the joint investigation into the recent death of a new teacher at a school in Seocho-gu, Seoul. An official from the Ministry of Education said at a regular briefing held at the Sejong Government Complex that day, “An expert is scheduled to conduct psychological evaluation and counseling today.”

4. Marine Corps “There is no specific manual on whether or not to wear life jackets when searching rivers”

It was reported that there were no specific guidelines for the Marine Corps on whether to wear life jackets when searching for missing persons along the river. Choi Yong-seon, Director of Public Affairs of the Marine Corps, said at a regular briefing at the Ministry of National Defense on the 24th, “There is no specific manual for each type of public support, such as wearing life jackets during search operations for missing persons in waterside areas.”

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