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‘Ex-girlfriend assault controversy’ 900,000 YouTuber announces return… Woong “Not guilty of rape and injury”

Woongi (real name Lee Byeong -woong, 26

) , a ‘mukbang YouTuber’ who caused controversy by assaulting먹튀검증 his ex-girlfriend, gave an update on his status after about 7 weeks and announced that he was found not guilty of rape and injury charges. On the 2nd, Mr. Lee posted a video titled ‘I will tell you about the current progress’ on his YouTube channel. On June 14th, ‘A story I haven’t told you for a while… This is the first video uploaded since the video ‘I’m telling you this.’ On the same day, Mr. Lee appeared in a video wearing a black suit and said, “I was sued by my former lover last April for home invasion and date assault. “These issues have become media outlets in YouTube news articles,” he began. He continued, “In the previous video, I said that the summary indictment resulted in a fine. However, he explained the progress of the case by saying, “I was contacted by the prosecution that they are still reviewing the results, rather than a fine for summary indictment,” and promised, “I will definitely tell you about the results later.” At the same time, he said, “In addition, I checked the fact that my girlfriend was accused of sexual crimes in the previous video, and I found out that she accused me of a total of three sexual crimes.”

Mr. Lee added, “On the day of the date assault, in fact, he filed a complaint against me in three cases: rape and injury, distribution of sexual photos, and sexual harassment, alleging that he was actually trying to rape me.”

He emphasized, “I went to the Gangnam Police Station and was faithfully investigated. They also asked me to submit my cell phone, so I submitted it for nearly a month.” He added, “I received a result of not being charged.”

According to the notice of investigation results from Gangnam Police Station in Seoul released by Mr. Lee on this day, the police decided not to forward (no charges) a case of alleged rape and injury filed on May 15 due to insufficient evidence.

However, it is said that his ex-girlfriend did not accept this result.

Mr. Lee said, “The other side has raised an objection through a lawyer,” and added, “I will work diligently by revealing the facts in the areas where these objections have been raised.”

In addition to his apology, he also expressed his intention to return. Mr. Lee said, “I didn’t want to say anything unpleasant, but I felt I had to say something to the people who have waited and worried about me for a long time. However, I don’t think it was my fault. “From now on, I will act more maturely and avoid causing unpleasant incidents like this to my fans,” he pledged. He added, “Next time, I will see you in a brighter light.”

The number of subscribers to Mr. Lee’s YouTube channel, which once exceeded 1.2 million, plummeted after the controversy over assaulting his ex-girlfriend and stands at about 916,000 as of the 3rd.

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