Thursday, 28th September 2023

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Found a frog that didn’t exist in the world… “1 cm tall, almost no fingers”

 A new frog species ( Brachycephalus tabuleiro ) with a length of 1 cm has been discovered먹튀검증

in Serra do Tabuleiro State Park in the state of Santa Catarina, located in southern Brazil . The new species of amphibian, named tabuleiro golden bell (p ingo-de-ouro-do-tabuleiro), is a 1-1.3 cm long frog and is one of the smallest currently known species, found only among fallen leaves on mountaintops in the park . You can see it, Brazilian media reported on the 1st (local time). The frog was discovered by a team of seven scientists led by Milena Vashelevsky of the Regional Federal University of Semiaridou. According to the research team, this frog, which can only be found in the Atlantic forest, has few functional bones and fingers, and has an olive-colored back and head, and orange-colored arms and legs. The findings were published in the scientific journal Vertebrate Zoology. Sarah Mangia, one of the biologists on the research team, said: “(After the discovery of the frog), we analyzed DNA , external morphology, bone morphology and bioacoustics and compared it with the well-known golden frog family ( Brachycephalus ). It was confirmed that he was a species,” he said.

“Provincial parks have proven once again to be a very important unit in the conservation of biodiversity,” said Marcus Maez, coordinator of the Santa Catarina Environment Agency, which is responsible for managing Serra do Tabuleiru Provincial Park.

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