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Four hot FA catchers in Stove League, who did well in the first week of the opening ..’Exchange’ Doosan NC on the rise, Park Se-hyeok, who is more amazing than Yang Eui-ji… Yoo Gang-nam and Park Dong-won are adapting

The FA catcher market, which was the hottest topic in the Stove League. The transfer market was hot.

The four major free agent catchers, the most, have moved teams.

Yang Eui-ji, the largest fish, returned to Doosan for up to 6 years and 15.2 billion won. Yoo Kang-nam transferred to Lotte for up to 8 billion won in 4 years. LG, who lost Kang-Nam Yoo, recruited Dong-Won Park for up to 6.5 billion won over four years. NC, who missed Yang Eui-ji, caught Park Se-hyuk for up to 4.6 billion won in 4 years.

The situation where the face of the main host of the 4 teams has changed. Due to the nature of the important position of catcher, it is inevitable to affect the entire team power. The reason why transfer student catchers are interested in their performance.

At the time of the opening week of the season. It is too early to evaluate, but there is a difference in speed. There are players who melt into a new team quickly, while there are also slow starters.

Yang Eui-ji and Park Se-hyuk, who changed their uniforms, are a tailwind.

The two teams, which were in the bottom ranks, were raised to the top at once with their outstanding performances in the ball and defense.

Yang Eui-ji got on base 13 times, nearly half of them, with 8 hits and 5 walks in 29 at-bats in 8 games. He has an on-base percentage of 4.48. With an out-of-the-box lead, young pitchers such as Kwak Bin and Jung Cheol-won are leading the march with an average ERA of 0.

Park Se-hyeok’s progress is even more surprising.

He is leading NC’s uptrend with perfect form on both offense and defense.

He is typical of a stable catcher, including leading, catching, blocking, and throwing. He is a great player as an offensive option. With his quick feet and batting sense, he is showing off his chance maker as well as his ability to solve surprises to his heart’s content, with the advantage of being a catcher who can hit number 2.

On the 7th, against Changwon Kiwoom, he led Eric Peddy’s 8 scoreless innings with a thunderous final solo home run from top pitcher An Woo-jin and an experienced lead. The next day, on the 8th, against Kiwoom, he also had a home run for two days in a row with 3 wedges, leading to a sweep victory in 3 consecutive weekends. He has a batting average of 2.9 6 in 8 games, 2 home runs, 5 RBI, and a slugging average of 5.1 9 Lee.

Kangnam Yoo of Lotte and Dongwon Park of LG are adapting to the changed environment.

Yoo Kang-nam,스포츠토토 who had signs of a slump at the beginning of the season, is showing signs of coming back to life with his first home run of the season against KT on the 8th. He must be wary of the fact that the responsibility to lead Lotte’s rebound can act as an excessive burden.

Park Dong-won, who was in a slump at the beginning of the season, is gradually increasing his sense of hitting, starting with his first multi-hit of the season against Samsung on the 7th.

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