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Get Very best 3 Kenya Safari Beach Destinations

Hitting the Beach Following a Kenya Safari

Following the action packed adventure of a Kenya safari, there’s no better way to wind down your holiday than by basking in the sun drenched beauty of Kenya’s top beach destinations. Offering a stretch of 480 kilometres of tropical paradise, complimented by the warm azure waters of the Indian Ocean, Kenya’s coastline is home to beautiful sandy beaches and a number of the worlds most impressive coral reefs. Its ancient coastal towns, infused with the Arab and Portuguese influences of its rich heritage, offer a view of the country beyond the conventional Kenya safari experience.

Whether you’re buying a lively, vibrant destination, or a relaxing island paradise, Kenya’s top 3 beach destinations offer something for everyone.


The ancient coastal town of Mombasa stands because the countries oldest. Now a largely populated area, the city was originally an island settlement but became permanently linked to the mainland via causeway 메이저놀이터. For those wishing to incorporate a little spice, quite literally, to their Kenya safari experience with a check out the countries past, Mombasa’s Old Town is the perfect location. Its labyrinthine streets lead you through an aromatic maze laid out in the times of a once thriving spice trade. The Dhow Harbour, still used today, and the 16th century Portuguese architecture of Fort Jesus further divulge the secrets of this coastal towns early settlers. For the history buff, Mombasa is the beach destination to choose.

Malindi and Watamu

A little more indulgent compared to bustling town of Mombasa are the smaller destinations of Malindi and Watamu. Not just do these towns lie on pristine stretches of palm fringed beach, nevertheless the twin parks of Watamu Marine National Reserve and Malindi Marine National Park provide chance for a Kenya safari of the underwater variety. The novice can snorkel between the kaleidoscopic jungle of fish and coral gardens of the Barracuda and North Reefs, whilst the experienced diver can explore the Tewa Caves, making use of their heavy populations of giant grouper.

Lamu Island

The Lamu archipelago, a cluster of six small islands from Kenya’s northern coast, are a natural paradise for the purely indulgent beach holiday. The cultural influences of Arab, Turkish and Portuguese settlers could be best felt in the Old Town of Lamu, the biggest of the islands. Beautiful beaches set against a backdrop of mango and coconut groves provide the perfect setting in which to enjoy the casual pace of island life. The archipelago could be further explored on scenic Dhow sailing trips, meandering peacefully through this glorious spot in the Indian Ocean. If blissful tranquillity and relaxation are your post Kenya safari ideals, then Lamu is the best setting.

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