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‘Glasses ace’ and ‘long-haired closer’… Lotte’s 26 billion plan may go awry

 Lotte Giants invested the most this winter and received attention in proportion to the investment.

At the end of October of last year,스포츠토토 he signed a non-FA multi-year contract for 5 years and 9 billion won with Park Se-woong, the ace of glasses. He caught a young starting pitcher in his 20s, who was about to enlist in the military but also a free agent, before his value skyrocketed. This was a sign of investment.

In the free agent market that opened soon after, he moved early, actively, and meticulously, reinforcing vulnerable positions such as catcher and shortstop. They brought catcher Yoo Kang-nam, who has good framing, for 8 billion won in 4 years. Noh Jin-hyeok, who has a long hitting power capable of hitting 20 home runs and solid defense, was recruited for 4 years and 5 billion won. In addition, he signed a contract worth up to 4 billion won for 3+1 years with submarine Han Hyun-hee, who was in an ambiguous position in the free agency market and had a low evaluation. Lotte made a huge investment of 26 billion won in total last winter alone, if Lotte calculates that Han Hyun-hee will fulfill all of the incentives and options while demonstrating her best abilities.

In fact, it is not that Lotte has not invested in the past. However, this time, I invested with purpose and direction. I shrank for the previous three seasons and unwrapped the money bag I had been waiting for. The gaze toward Lotte this season is quite different. 

However, in order to properly see the effect of this 26 billion investment, it is necessary to safely overcome the hurdles and variables that may come during the season with full power. In the spring camp, he said, “I think it’s the best since coach Kang Byeol-cheol,” and prepared for the season by digesting the highest amount of training, and raised his senses by safely playing actual practice games. everything is in order

However, the condition variables of starter Park Se-woong and finisher Kim Won-joong, who were selected for the World Baseball Classic (WBC) national team, were not calculated. And this variable can act as a variable that can miscalculate Lotte and distort the plan. 

As Korea was eliminated in the first round of the WBC, it tasted the humiliation of being eliminated in the first round of three consecutive tournaments. I returned home on the 14th. Park Se-woong and Kim Won-joong were the pitchers who were in the best condition and devoted themselves to this national team. 

Park Se-woong pitched in a 4-13 cold game defeat against Korea and Japan on the 10th, finished the game with 11 pitches in 1⅓ innings, and after resting for a day, started the match against the Czech Republic on the 12th.

Kim Won-joong had frequent appearances. He pitched in all two WBC official evaluation matches held in Osaka, Japan on the 6th and 7th, against Australia on the 9th, against Japan on the 10th, and against Czech Republic on the 12th. He pitched in 5 games in 7 days. He took the mound without a pitch because other pitchers were not in perfect condition, but it meant that he trusted them on the bench. However, it is undeniable that he has appeared in many games in a short period of time.

He quickly improved his condition and threw while forgetting his fatigue in a situation where he was carrying the tension and burden of a short international competition. He has no concerns about sequelae. Of course, the players say it’s okay.

Kim Won-joong said, “I was able to go to that position because the director trusted me. I think there are not many pitchers who can go out there, so I thought that I was a ‘lucky person’ and prepared for the game.” They reassured fans that they don’t have to worry about their concerns.

Regarding the start against the Czech Republic after pitching in the bullpen against Korea and Japan, Park Se-woong said, “I thought I pitched the bullpen against Korea and Japan. There were no problems,” he said.

Lotte coach Larry Sutton said, “After the two players return, we need to closely check their condition. “Both players have prepared well physically and mentally for a high-level international stage. Even though the season has not yet started, they prepared hard and performed well. I am proud of them. He must have gained pride, but his performance in this tournament will be of great help in the 2023 season,” he explained, adding that he would join the team against LG on the 18th

. Even the beginning of the season may not go as planned.In place of Park Se-woong, there are native starters such as Seo Jun-won, Han Hyun-hee, Na Kyun-an, and Lee Min-seok, and even if finisher Kim Won-joong is shaken, alternatives such as Choi Jun-yong, who was in charge of last year’s temporary finisher, and 20-hold setup man Koo Seung-min There is also

However, it is obviously a bad sign for the team as a whole that the existing power has to be reset. Lotte needs to keep a close eye on the condition of Park Se-woong and Kim Won-joong in the future. Since they are the core to bring Lotte’s plan into reality, we should hope that the two players will be healthy without any aftereffects.

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