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When you have faults, do not fear to abandon them


Hana 1Q needs change, a new starting point and non-season

Bucheon HanawonQ, which stayed at the bottom again last season, started to raise its power early.

Hana 1Q, which started convocation training in mid-April, completed a physical condition check for 4 weeks, and then set up a base camp at Taebaek O2 Resort for 2 weeks from May 15th to 27th and conducted battery training.안전놀이터

During the team’s vacation after the 2022-23 season, the front desk and coaching staff had time to organize the parts about power reinforcement and trial and error. As a result, there have been many changes. Kim Ji-young and Kim Ye-jin left for Shinhan Bank in Incheon and KB Stars in Cheongju, respectively. In addition, Lee Chae-eun also moved to KB Stars. Lee Jung-hyun and Choi Min-joo chose to retire.  

Recruitment of Kim Jong-un and the addition of Um Seo-i and Choi Ji-seon

Kim Jong-un, Choi Ji-seon, and Eom Seo-i joined as new family members. Kim Jong-un is a player who made his debut at Hana 1Q, and returned to his parents after leaving (?) to Woori Bank for the past six years. Eom Seo-i was a compensation player for Kim Ye-jin, and Choi Ji-sun changed to a Hana One Q uniform from KB Stars through a trade with Lee Chae-eun. Kim Ji-young also left the team as a compensation player for Kim Jong-un.

Kim Jong-un recruited with expectations of a role as a focal point and court leader. He expected and called in the part that could reinforce the ‘experience’ that was evaluated as a weakness in the part of Hana 1Q and the experience as a league top player.

Director Kim Do-wan said, “I don’t have high expectations. I don’t want to burden you. It is to the extent that he thinks that he will pass on his long experience in WKBL while living with younger players. I think he will take care of it.”

As mentioned above, Kim Jong-un debuted at Hana 1Q and was evaluated as a top player in the league. Kim Jong-un, who reached the age of 37 in Korean age, clearly had a moment to go through an age curve, but through last season’s championship game, he proved that he could ‘do it for another year or two’, and Hanawon Q, who needed a focal point and court leader, put his heart and soul into it. He leaned over and caught Kim Jong-un.

It is rumored that not only the team but also coach Kim courted Kim Jong-un through several meetings.

Through this free agency period, it was evaluated that it was successful in reinforcing the inside and organizing the guard line, which were pointed out as weaknesses. Kim Ye-jin’s gap is clear, but he has a plan to minimize his gap by recruiting a potential forward named Choi Ji-sun.

Director Kim said, “Actually, there were parts that I thought about a little more, but there were realistically difficult parts. Now that the roster is organized, we will build up our strength by filling in the missing parts until the season.”

What role should Kim Jong-un play? How should the team utilize Kim Jong-un?

Kim Jong-un is the eldest sister in the league. Hana 1 Q belongs to the youngest axis among the 6 clubs belonging to WKBL. As mentioned above, this is the biggest reason Hana 1 Q put a lot of effort into recruiting Kim Jong-un. As he debuted in Hana 1Q, he can obviously be affectionate too. Kim Jong-un needs to fill the team with the winning mentality and lack of experience in the squad.

His physical condition is rather concerning. Suffering from a chronic knee injury, Kim Jong-un’s playing time is bound to be limited. He must shake off the pressure and refrain from the desire to win. It is also essential for the bench to adjust the playing time. If Kim Jong-un, who recruited the keyword to improve his constitution, has difficulties participating in the competition due to injury, Hana 1Q may have regrets about their choice once again.

Um Seo-i, who has newly joined the team, must add strength throughout the inside, and Choi Ji-sun must also show off her capabilities in defense and outside shooting.

Eom Seo-yi has received a lot of attention as a backup resource, but he did not show his skills as much as he thought. The same goes for Choi Ji-sun. Eom Seo-i joined BNK and moved to KB Stars, and this time to Hana 1 Q. Choi Ji-sun was given another chance when she moved from Shinhan Bank to KB Stars and then to Hana 1Q.

The growth and adaptation of the two players is an essential part for Hana One Q or coach Kim, who recruited the two players under the keyword securing backup.

Things that need to change

During my two days in Taebaek, I was able to have many conversations with coach Kim. no i had to share Because it is a team that has not been able to get out of the bottom ranks for several years, there are not a few areas that need to change. Director Kim conveyed his thoughts and asked for opinions from outsiders.

Hana 1 Q had two biggest weaknesses until the previous season. It was an objective lineup inferiority and concentration in the match. Shin Ji-hyeon and Yang In-young, the Hana 1Q cores, clearly have weaknesses compared to other team cores. The backups also cannot be said to have an advantage over other teams. As a result, the power to cross the winning point is bound to be weak.

In order to achieve a certain level of performance, the composition of players is essential. Hana 1 Q is virtually lacking in lineup to get out of last place. Last season, there were not a few games where they lost a lot, but this is why they were not greatly criticized from the outside. It was a composition that was difficult to jump over other teams in terms of player composition.

With Shin Ji-hyun and Yang In-young as the core, Kim Ji-young, Kim Ye-jin, Kim Mi-yeon, Kim A-na, and Lee Ha-eun were the main players, and Jung Ye-rim, Park So-hee, Park Jin-young, and Ko Na-yeon were the new stars.

Looking at the record, Shin Ji-hyun and Yang In-young played a role to some extent, but it was true that they were disappointing compared to the one-two punch of other teams. Kim Ji-young and Kim Ye-jin showed their presence in defense, but there was a clear limitation in attack. In the Shinsung lineup, Yerim Jeong’s growth, Park Sohee’s hard work, and Ko Nayeon’s boldness stood out, but Park Jinyoung unfortunately left the lineup early due to an injury.

Coach Kim said, “One of the important tasks after taking office was improving the skills of new players. He spent so much time that he was misunderstood by the existing players. This rain season will be no different. It is only when these players improve their skills that they can continue to take their game.”

Secretary-General Kim Gi-rim is also operating a plan to establish a long-term project to improve performance along with coach Kim, and to form a team from afar. He said, ‘You don’t have to win. We are continuing the work of changing the team culture in the big picture of ‘It is enough to create a team culture that suits Hana One Q’.

In addition to being shown, Hana 1 Q needs work to remove the pervasive sense of defeat. This means that the body needs improvement. It also has another meaning for the recruitment of Kim Jong-un. Kim Jong-un also talked a lot about this part.

Coach Kim has also been constantly trying to change the roster since taking office with the keyword of improving his constitution, and seemed to be continuing the work of creating a change of atmosphere through appropriate communication. He told me that he was applying various methods.

Regrets, trial and error, and…

Coach Kim looked back on last season and defined it as ‘a season with a lot of regrets’. It was an inevitable season. Changes were detected, but the ranking was still at the bottom. Director Kim said, “As expected, the position of director is not easy. There was a lot of trial and error. It was a season where I could learn and feel a lot.”

Hana 1 Q suffered from a series of injuries last season, but it was coach Kim who conveyed that there were quite a few trials and errors aside from that part.

As a result, coach Kim said he is making changes to his leadership and squad management. He talked about making changes in how to create power, communication, and game management. He also said that creating an active exercise atmosphere through giving responsibility in autonomy was his responsibility.

He seemed to be making changes to the way he leads the team along with changes to the squad, both big and small. This is clearly a necessary part.

It is evaluated that the change of the off-season squad in recent years is somewhat positive. I spent two months that were clearly different from the ones that caused me to have question marks in the keywords free agency and trade. The gap in the defense due to the departure of Kim Ji-young and Kim Ye-jin cannot be erased, but the recruitment of Kim Jong-un and two players with potential can be a plus factor. The most important keyword is constitutional improvement.

It is the current and non-season of Hana 1Q and coach Kim, who are put to the test once again.

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