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Heavy rain falls in the American desert… A sleeping ‘ancient shrimp’ wakes up

As the desert in Nevada, USA, recently turned into a barren field먹튀검증 following unusually heavy rain, ‘shrimp’ hatched from the soil, surprising local residents.

On the 4th (local time), the overseas science media outlet ‘IFL Science’ reported that about 70,000 festival participants were stranded due to sudden heavy rain in Black Rock City, a temporary city in Nevada.

The Burning Man festival was in full swing here. Burning Man is a festival where tens of thousands of people gather in an empty desert to build structures and enjoy works of art for about 10 days. However, on the 27th of last month, heavy rain suddenly fell in the Black Rock Desert, turning the ground into mud, and most of the participants were stranded.

While waiting for rescue, some participants reportedly witnessed an unusual sight. According to IFL Science, so-called ‘fairy shrimp’ hatched in a muddy field with stagnant rainwater. Shrimps that resemble small worms are said to swim in shallow water.

The official scientific name for fairy shrimp is long-tailed horseshoe shrimp, or antler shrimp. This shrimp has existed on Earth for hundreds of millions of years, and its appearance has changed little over a long period of time and it is still breeding to this day, so it is called a ‘living fossil’.

The eggs of this shrimp are so small that they are almost indistinguishable from grains of sand, and they can survive even in dry, dry soil. When the dried eggs in the place where the lake dried up and became a desert met water due to heavy rain, they started living again.

Regarding this, IFL Science explained, “This ancient crustacean does not need difficult conditions to wake up,” and “After the monsoon, it will go into dormancy until the right conditions arise again, namely heavy rain.”

However, he added, “It takes a little over a week to lay eggs, but the weather (in the Nevada desert) is changing,” and “the shrimp will have to compete to survive.”

Meanwhile, the Burning Man festival officially ended at 2pm on the 4th when the ban on driving was lifted. As of this day, it was reported that approximately 64,000 people were isolated at the event venue.

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