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‘Heo Yul Theater Goal’ Gwangju, Seoul E 1-0 new win…FA Cup quarterfinals

Gwangju FC advanced to the quarterfinals after a theater goal.

Gwangju won 1-0 with Heo Yul’s winning goal in the 2023 Hana One Q FA Cup Round of 16 against Seoul E-Land held at Mokdong Sports Complex on the 24th. 

Gwangju, which advanced to the dramatic quarterfinals, will meet the winners of Jeonbuk Hyundai and Paju City Soccer Team in the quarterfinals on June 28th.

E-Land came out with a 4-4-2 formation. In addition to goalkeeper Moon Jeong-in, the defense consisted of Kim Min-kyu, Cha Seung-hyun, Jo Dong-jae, and Hwang Jeong-wook. Lee Sang-min, Seo Bo-min, Yoo Jeong-wan, and Bruno guarded the midfield, while Byun Byung-jun and Ho-nan scrambled to the forefront.

Gwangju also faced off with a 4-4-2 formation. In addition to goalkeeper Lee Joon, Lee Sang-ki, Aaron, Kim Jae-bong, and Shin Chang-moo built the defense. Seung-Woon Ha and Young-Jae Joo positioned themselves in the flanks, Kang-Hyun Lee and Han-Bin Park in the midfield, and Oh-Sung and Thomas came out to the forefront to score.

In the first half, E-Land threatened Gwangju several times with quick attack transitions. Rather, Gwangju, which came up with a new strategy, could not find a solution.

E-Land led the game, but showed regret at the finish and the first half ended as it was.

A similar trend continued in the second half. With E-Land leading the game, Gwangju focused on defense.

E-Land advanced well to the front of the box, but continued to show disappointment at the finish, and Gwangju gradually aimed for the back space with counterattacks.

Gwangju tried to attack by gradually increasing their possession time, but struggled against E-Land’s two-line defense, which went deep to 5-4-1. In the 34th minute of the second half, Gwangju, excluding Shin Chang-moo, came back from injury and played a comeback match.

In the 35th minute of the second half, Gwangju left a sense of regret as Lee Kun-hee blew a decisive opportunity into the air from inside the box.

Both teams seemed unable to score a goal during the 3rd minute of added time, but substitute Heo Yul scored the winning goal after a line-breaking 46th minute of added time in the second half, bringing the win.토토사이트

Gwangju managed to advance to the quarterfinals by maintaining the lead during a short extra time.

Photo = Provided by Korea Professional Football Federation, Seoul E-Land

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