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Ho-min Joo’s school side “Teachers are very tired… I hope the children will not be exposed”

While an elementary school teacher in Gyeonggi-do was put on trial for child abuse of the son of cartoonist Joo Ho-min, the school took a cautious stance, saying, “We don’t want our children and teachers who have nothing to do with the case to be exposed.”

According to the legal community on the 27th, Judge Kwak Yong-heon of the 9th Criminal Division of the Suwon District Court is conducting a trial for elementary school teacher A, who was charged with violating the Act on Special Cases Concerning the Punishment of Child Abuse Crimes.

Regarding this, an official from the school said to Money Today, “It’s a sensitive issue, so I can’t tell you in detail.”

Regarding whether there was a complaint from Ho-min Joo, he said, “The day before, the person in charge from the City Office of Education came out and heard an explanation of the overall incident.” They confessed the hardships they had been through카지노,” he explained.

Regarding Mr. A’s recent situation, “I heard that he couldn’t even eat because of his anxiety disorder. The incident occurred in September of last year, but he took sick leave in October of the following month. After that, he was released from his position in January of this year, and he is still receiving psychiatric treatment. He said, “It’s a pity.”

Previously, in September of last year, Mr. A was accused of making inappropriate remarks when Joo Ho-min’s son, B, took a class in a regular class and took down his pants in front of a female student and was separated for sexual violence. At the time, he was known to have made a statement to the effect of “I will not be able to make other friends because I am separated now.”

Group B’s mother attached a tape recorder to her son’s bag on his way to school and collected related evidence. The prosecution judged that Mr. A had bullied Mr. B and prosecuted without detention.

Regarding this, the father, Joo Ho-min, explained on YouTube on the 26th, “From the day of the incident, the child expressed an anxious reaction and fear that was very different from usual.” He explained that the reason for using the tape recorder was “a confirmation was necessary because communication was impossible due to the nature of a child with a developmental disability.”

“The recording contained a situation that was difficult to see as simple discipline. In order to determine the problem from an objective point of view, we consulted with a total of 5 lawyers and a child abuse officer at the Yongin Police Station,” he said. After receiving an answer that measures such as teacher replacement can only be taken according to the results of the investigation by the judicial authorities, I reported it to the police.”

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