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How will ‘killer question exclusion’ affect house prices in school districts?

While the government has prepared measures to reduce private education, such as eliminating the so-called ‘killer questions’ in the CSAT, attention is focused on how these measures will affect house prices in ‘school districts’ such as Gangnam and Mok-dong.

Experts predict that it will not have a big impact on house prices in this area, but the jeonse price can be adjusted somewhat according to the decrease in demand for school districts.

Reporter Lee Dong-woo covered the story.

The government announced that it would thoroughly filter out super-difficult questions, so-called ‘killer questions’, from the CSAT in the future, and said that it would double-check from the presentation stage.

[Lee Joo-ho / Deputy Prime Minister of Social Affairs and Minister of Education: Organize and operate the ‘Fair CSAT Evaluation Advisory Committee (tentative name)’ centered on field teachers, and establish the ‘Fair CSAT Examination Committee (tentative name)’ that guarantees independence in the CSAT development stage. So, we will intensively check the questions.]

What kind of impact will these government measures have on housing prices in so-called school districts such as Gangnam and Mok-dong?

Experts agree that there will be no significant스포츠토토 impact on house prices in this area.

[Hahm Young-jin / Head of Jikbang Data Lab: In addition to education-related factors, it is not easy to lead a big change in house prices because shopping, culture, medical care, and property values ​​are melted into Gangnam house prices.

] prospect.

[Park Won-gap / KBSenior Real Estate Expert at Kookmin Bank: After the measures to reduce private education expenses came out in 2004, as the demand for jeonse to move to the Gangnam area decreased, the jeonse price dropped significantly. Although this measure will act as a factor that slows down the recovery of the monthly rental market… .]

However, some experts observe that since it means that private education will weaken and public education will be strengthened, house prices in Gangnam and Mok-dong, where prestigious high schools are concentrated, may show strength.

[Kim In-man / Director of Kim In-man Real Estate Research Institute: Rather, as the demand for schools in Gangnam and Mok-dong with good school districts increases, I expect that the demand for apartments in such school districts will increase and become stronger.

] It seems that it will be decided in the next few months what the government’s private education reduction measures that exclude ‘will actually affect school district housing prices and jeonse prices.

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