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‘I didn’t have the guts’, the spectators cheering for the Rising Sun Flag who ran away, why can’t they stop [Tokyo Report]

 I didn’t have the guts to stretch for a long time. But again, the Rising Sun Flag, a symbol of war criminals, that touched the nerves of the Korean national team appeared. Controversy over every Korea-Japan match. Is there any way to stop it?

On the 10th, Tokyo Dome, Japan, where the WBC (World Baseball Classic) match between the Korean and Japanese baseball teams took place. In the midst of a full crowd of 46,000 people, the rising sun flag appeared again. The Rising Sun Flag, a military flag used by Japan during World War II, is a flag representing Japan’s imperialism and militarism, and is also a symbol of ‘war criminals’. Currently, it has become a symbol of the extreme right in Japan, and the act of hanging the rising sun flag itself can be seen as having a lot of political intentions.

But the rising sun flag reappeared. Right before the match between Korea and Japan, a spectator in the outfield stands was caught raising the rising sun flag. The scene was noticeable to Korean reporters, so it remained in photos and videos. However, the man who was cheering for Japan by unfurling the Rising Sun Flag didn’t even hold the flag for a long time, probably because he was conscious of the eyes of the people around him. The recognized KBO immediately protested to the WBC organizers, and officials checked where the man was standing, but there was no rising sun flag, and he had already left.

It was a matter of concern before the game. The day when the baseball game between Korea and Japan, which spreads into a battle of pride between the two countries every time they face each other, is held at the Tokyo Dome. Coincidentally, the news that Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida would throw a special pitch ahead of the match was reported on the news. There was a lot of concern that the rising sun flag would appear, but it appeared in one corner of the stadium without a doubt. Even before the opening, the KBO requested the WBC Organizing Committee and the Japan Round Organizing Committee to “stop the Rising Sun Flag cheering,” but no special sanctions were imposed. It is necessary to inspect the belongings of spectators one by one. Currently, Tokyo Dome inspects the belongings of spectators upon entering through X-ray, but it is not possible to capture the flag. It is used to filter things that could be harmful to safety, such as guns, live ammunition, and knives. In the soccer World Cup, cheering and actions with political intentions are strictly prohibited, but the WBC, where professionals participate, has no relevant provisions.스포츠토토

This time, when the KBO expressed its intention to protest, the WBC Organizing Committee said it would take immediate action, but it is correct to create a new provision that fundamentally prohibits it. Precautions are also needed in the next competition. It was an unpleasant incident that could not but be frowned upon in a true match where they fought in the spirit of sports.

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