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“I don’t have a card” To a panicked passenger… What happened on the 4212 bus

On the 17th, it is inside the city bus No먹튀검증. 4212 going to and from Gwangjin-gu and Seocho-gu, Seoul.

On my way to work on Monday morning, a woman in a white jacket gets on and puts her card at the fare machine.

When the payment is not made, he goes through his pockets and looks for another transportation card.

However, when he couldn’t find his transportation card even after searching for a long time, he looked flustered, but the bus driver said, “It’s okay, just get on.”

[Song Jae-il/Bus driver 4212]
“A lot of people ride at rush hour. She said she didn’t have a card. She didn’t bring one. So, if you have a card, then just get on. If you feel bad on the way to work, you don’t like each other.”

A woman who said “thank you” to the driver’s consideration and got on the bus.

As she got off, she didn’t forget to say thank you.

[Song Jae-il/Bus driver 4212]
“Thank you. Thank you.”

But two days later, something amazing happened.

An anonymous courier has arrived to the bus company.

It was a courier containing 10 boxes of drinks along with the words thank you for your consideration.

[Song Jae-il/Bus driver 4212]
“They sent it anonymously. It was a gift. He didn’t leave his phone number and now brought it under my name and the company. I have 10 boxes of drinks, or 10 boxes, the number is 300. All members of the union can eat it, so I’m grateful anyway.”

Mr. Song said he was taken aback by his unexpected gift, and that he was rather sorry that he seemed to have received a gift that was too big for his little act.

[Song Jae-il/Bus driver 4212]
“I’m sorry. I said something that we should have said, but I took it for 1,300 won on the bus and spent a few hundred times it, and I could do just one or two boxes, but just do 10 boxes at a time and pay for the person.

Wooshin Transportation, a bus company, also said, “We are more grateful to the passengers who gave us gifts.”

“If you cannot pay the fee on site, we are handing you a business card with your account number in consideration of the customer’s position,” he said.

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