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I hit it lightly, but the batting speed was a whopping 188 km! Yankee Stadium surprised by Ohtani’s strength

Unicorn’ Ohtani Shohei (LA Angels) fired another extra-large shot. The batted ball speed reached 188 km.

On the 19th (hereinafter Korean time), Ohtani started as the designated hitter in the away game against the New York Yankees held at Yankee Stadium in New York, USA. Ohtani, who batted second instead of third for two days in a row following the previous day, hit a home run in his first at-bat. In the top of the 1st inning, lead batter Taylor Ward got on base with a double and got a safe second base chance. Yankees starting pitcher Clark Shoekit’s third pitch hit the 143km sweeper. The ball hit by Ohtani’s bat turned without delay turned into a two-run home run that fell into the right bullpen. A two-run home run for the Angels to take the lead.

What is surprising is the exit velocity of this home run. The flight distance was about 119m, but the exit speed was amazing. According to measurements, it is 116.7 miles, or about 188 km. This speed is the highest average batting speed for Ohtani, who is one of the best in the major leagues. With that fast bat speed, he made a line-drive home run. His 4th personal home run this season.

According to Japanese media reports,카지노 Ohtani has been shooting homeruns in succession since practice batting practice that day. ‘Full Count’ reported, “Ohtani played pre-game pre-batting for the first time this season ahead of the Yankees match. Ohtani hit 12 home runs out of a total of 20 hits, including 4 home runs in a row.”

The climax of hitting was felt from the first at-bat. Local broadcasters in the US were also shocked by Ohtani’s home run at the speed of light, saying, “The home run came out in an instant” and “The Bronx is showing ‘Showtime’.”

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