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“I saw you pooping on kimchi, but what about pooping?” Face covered in X, teacher’s husband ‘shocked’

This is a post that was recently posted on the National Assembly Public Consent Petition bulletin board asking, ‘Please protect daycare teachers from unfair abuse of power.’

The author, a man whose wife is a daycare teacher, bursts out in anger from the first sentence, asking, “Did you see him pooping?”

The man said, “Not long ago, a parent who claimed child abuse opened a poop-stained diaper and hit her wife in the face,” and added, “I am reporting the parent to the police and writing this article.”

The man introduced the story by saying, “Since the beginning of this year, seeing my wife suffering from parents who verbally abuse and make unfair demands, I strongly encouraged her to leave the company, and this is what happened in the end.”

The place where the incident occurred was a private hospital in Sejong City.

It is said that Mr. A, a daycare teacher, went to meet a parent먹튀검증 who was complaining about a wound on his child’s neck on the 10th, and hit her in the face with a diaper with her feces on it.

At that time, the parent reportedly took Ms. A to her bathroom, took out a diaper with her feces on it from a paper bag, and threw it at Ms. A’s face.

The director of the daycare center I was visiting with was outside the bathroom at this time, and when he heard a ‘popping’ sound, he went in and took a picture of Mr. A’s contaminated face.

Ms. A’s husband was furious, saying, “I saw a picture of half of my wife’s face covered in poop,” and “I saw kimchi pooping in a bad drama, but I never thought I’d see poop pooping in real life.”

Mr. A, the teacher who was injured, went to the hospital for treatment after the incident and sued the parent for injury.

The police who received the case will review Mr. A’s statement and photographic evidence and will soon summon the parent in question for questioning.

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