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“I want to sleep on the floor of the air-conditioned living room” Worst reason? Trying to escape the heat…

External contributor – Lee Hak-seon, Director of Barunsesang Hospital Spine Clinic

Summer is a season when patients suffering 먹튀검증from back pain should be extra careful. This is because the symptoms of patients with herniated discs who are sensitive to humidity and pressure are easily aggravated by hot and humid weather. As outdoor activities such as travel and camping become more frequent and the amount of exercise increases, the risk of back injury increases. In particular, it is not uncommon for discs to rupture due to increased pressure on the lower back while playing in the water at the beach or water park.

To keep your back healthy in summer, first, you need to use cooling devices such as air conditioners in moderation. These days, there are many places where the air conditioner is turned on so that you can feel the coolness beyond the coolness. When the ambient temperature drops, muscles and ligaments stiffen, blood circulation decreases, and the mobility of joints decreases, so you can feel strong pain even with a small impact. Cold air has the property of coming down, so you should refrain from sleeping on a cool floor because it is hot. If you sleep on a hard floor without curves, the balance of your spine can break down and cause pain, so it is desirable to sleep in a comfortable position on a bed if possible.

Second, insomnia caused by tropical nights must be resolved. If the quality and quantity of sleep is not sufficient, you become sensitive to pain and fatigue accumulates, creating a vicious cycle where you feel more pain. For a sound sleep in summer, it is desirable to relax the rigid body with lukewarm water before going to bed and to keep the humidity below 50% using a dehumidifier. It is also important to maintain the correct sleeping position. If you are used to sleeping on your back, place a small pillow under your lower back, and if sleeping on your side is comfortable, place a pillow or cushion between your knees to help reduce the burden on your lower back.

Lastly, before outdoor activities, you should fully relax your body. If you enjoy activities such as surfing, water slides, and jet skis while on vacation, you will use your lower back muscles more than usual, which can lead to spinal damage. Acute pain usually gets better naturally if you take enough rest and relax your muscles with warm compresses, but in severe cases, you need to be careful as it can be aggravated by a herniated disc. This is why it is important to fully loosen muscles and ligaments by stretching before and after outdoor activities. If the pain persists for more than two weeks or the symptoms get worse even after taking enough rest and care, it is advisable to visit a hospital once.

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