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“I will give you an annual salary of 1.2 billion, so please come”… Soaring Jobs in America

U.S. companies are eager to recruit artificial intelligence ( AI ) talent with a huge annual salary of over 1 billion won. There are many companies looking for AI talent from distribution to finance and manufacturing, but the ransom is skyrocketing스포츠토토 because there are not enough suitable people. According to the Wall Street Journal ( WSJ

) on the 15th (local time), the demand for AI talent among American companies, such as data scientists and machine learning experts, is rapidly increasing. In order to hire AI talent, some companies offer annual salaries of hundreds of thousands of dollars, and other companies offer stock options with huge annual salaries and thick performance bonuses, reminiscent of a recruitment ‘battlefield’, the WSJ reported . For example, Netflix, a video streaming company, posted a job posting last month for a machine learning platform manager at an annual salary of $900,000 (about 1.2 billion won), which became a hot topic not only in my industry but also throughout the United States. E-commerce company Amazon offered AI talent an annual salary of $340,000 (approximately KRW 450 million), and retailer Walmart hired a conversational AI manager with an annual salary of up to $252,000 (KRW 330 million). The company Goldman Sachs is betting up to $250,000 for a generative AI engineer position.

Real estate company JLL is also struggling to find AI talent. An official from this company said that during the recruitment process, a job seeker asked, “Why do I have to come as an AI engineer?”

It turns out that HR managers prefer middle managers among AI talent. This is because they must be skilled in mathematics, statistics, and programming necessary for work, but also have professionalism at the same time.

Accenture, an advisory firm , is hiring more than 1,000 new AI workers, and many of the applicants said they had received offers from other companies, the WSJ reported.

As it became difficult to find talent, there were cases where companies were trying to acquire AI talent. ServiceNow, an

IT platform company, recently acquired a small AI company following 2020. ServiceNow CEO Bill McDermott said, “ AI talent is difficult to find, expensive and difficult to find.”

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