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If you turn it off and on, more comes out? How to save money on air conditioner electricity bills

These days, it is not easy to live without an air conditioner.

You probably know that not turning the air conditioner on and off after turning it on once is the way to save electricity bills, but reporter Jeong Yeon covered how effective this is.


Yoon Chul-joong, who is raising two young children, turns on the air conditioner all day.

This is because the heatwave of over 30 degrees Celsius and tropical nights of over 25 degrees at night continue.

[Yun Cheol-joong/Nowon-gu, Seoul: I’m a little worried about the electricity bill because it’s so hot these days. I don’t turn on the fan often because it’s dangerous because I’m afraid the kids will get into it and I usually only turn on the air conditioner.]

After setting the set temperature to 26 degrees in an apartment with a living area of ​​10 pyeong, I monitored power consumption with a real-time meter먹튀검증.

When the air conditioner is turned on, the power consumption quickly soars to 3,352 watts, then tapers off to 5 watts after reaching the set temperature.

This is because the air conditioner’s refrigerant compressor rotates quickly to reach the set temperature, consuming a lot of power, and then slows down when the temperature drops.

For this reason, inverter type air conditioners released after 2011 can save electricity costs by turning them on once and then maintaining them continuously.

[Hwang In-hwan/Samsung Electronics Service Technical Team: It is best to operate it at the strongest and lowest temperature to quickly drop the room temperature, then adjust the set temperature and leave it on continuously. It is best to turn off the air conditioner when ventilating, but when cooling is unavoidably necessary, it is better to ventilate using a window as far away from the air conditioner as possible.] When a household of four with average electricity consumption turns on the air conditioner for more than 7 hours a day

, It is estimated that you will have to pay an additional 60,000 to 70,000 won for electricity per month, 30,000 won for wall hangings, and 70,000 won to 100,000 won for systems.

Air conditioning should be turned off when grilling or frying, and filters should be taken out and cleaned every two weeks to increase energy efficiency.

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