Thursday, 28th September 2023

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“I’ll sell grandma’s agricultural products”… 19 criminals convicted of cheating by choosing only the elderly

A man who traveled around the country tricking the elderly and온라인바카라 stealing money was caught by the police.

On the 27th, the National Police Agency posted a crime video of Mr. A, who pretended to be kind to the elderly and ran away with agricultural products by tricking them into saying, “I will sell agricultural products,” on their official YouTube account.

Mr. A was caught by the police on charges of defrauding agricultural products by approaching the elderly, saying that he would sell agricultural products such as red pepper powder, perilla seeds, and shoots while traveling around the country for 10 months from September 15 of last year.

In the video, Mr. A approached an old woman who came out to sell perilla seeds and pulled her cart instead, winning favor with her. Then, he said he would sell his grandmother’s perilla seeds to his sister-in-law and left.
Her grandmother, who had been waiting for Mr. A on the spot, belatedly realized that she had been tricked and called the police.

In addition, Mr. A swindled about 6.34 million won by making a group reservation at a restaurant and running away with food or money.

According to the police investigation, Mr. A was a 19-year-old criminal who traveled around the country without a fixed residence and committed such crimes.

Upon receiving the report, the Chungcheongnam-do Police Agency analyzed the surrounding CCTV and identified Mr. A as the suspect and arrested him.

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