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“I’m going to Manchester United and Liverpool”… UCL wants MF, club also allows transfer

Brighton’s Alexis McAllister (24) is expected to move this summer.

British media ‘Express’ cited a report from British media ‘The Athletic’ on the 15th (Korean time) and mentioned Mac Allister’s transfer rumors.메이저사이트

The media reported that “McAllister wants to play in the UEFA Champions League if he leaves Brighton this summer.”

He added: “Manchester United and Liverpool are interested in signing McAllister ahead of the 2023-24 season. Both teams have struggled in the midfield position.”

“He has not yet agreed to a contract with any club,” he said.

McAllister is a midfielder who made his name known through this World Cup. He started every match except for Saudi Arabia, the first match of the group stage of the last FIFA World Cup Qatar. He showed off his presence with one goal against Poland and one assist in the final against France.

Playing as a central and defensive midfielder, McAllister is a player with outstanding skills. He has great footwork, dribbling, accurate kicks and passes. He also has a good tactical understanding, and he has the strength of being able to see multiple positions. He is also skilled when he is not on the ball.

He has been playing for Brighton since the 2018-19 season. From the 2020-21 season, he started to earn opportunities in earnest, scoring 12 goals and 2 assists in 36 games this season. He shows his influence within the team, starting 29 of 31 Premier League matches.

McAllister’s contract ends in June 2025. The time has come to talk with the club about his renewal and transfer. At the time of the transfer market in January, the transfer fee was set at a minimum of 30 million pounds (approximately 50.3 billion won).

However, as time goes on, the value of McAllister increases. A higher transfer fee is likely to be mentioned in the transfer window this summer.

Brighton want to keep McAllister. However, he is unlikely to be able to avoid a transfer. Brighton manager Roberto De Gerbi said: “It is clear that we will lose some players, such as Moises Caicedo and McAllister. We have to be prepared to bring in other good players.”

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