Thursday, 28th September 2023

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When you have faults, do not fear to abandon them


I’m going to see my wife in ‘Emergency’… “I can’t pass by because I’m filming.”

Controversy over nuisance and abuse of power related to drama filming has arisen again.

This time, a post was posted saying that they experienced inconvenience카지노 while filming a new drama for a general programming channel.

The title is ‘The drama filming team is too humane.’

The author wrote that his wife was hospitalized in a high-risk maternity room at a hospital in Seoul and rushed to the hospital, but someone who appeared to be a filming crew member blocked entry, saying they were “filming a drama.”

At the same time, she burst into anger, saying, “A hospital is a place that saves people, but is filming the problem?”

Most netizens also pointed out that “they think filming dramas is a job for government officials,” and that “patients and guardians come first in hospitals.”

As the controversy grew, the drama production company eventually apologized for the inconvenience caused to the guardian.

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