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‘I’m not going to be nominated for director!’… Chelsea manager fed up with ‘octopus foot contact’, who?

English Premier League (EPL) Chelsea are looking for a new manager after the sacking of manager Graham Porter.

But there are too many candidates. Local media reported numerous coaches, including former Bayern Munich coach Julian Nagelsmann, former Tottenham coach Mauricio Pochettino, former Spain national team coach Luis Enrique, former Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane, Real Madrid coach Carlo Anceloni, and AS Roma coach Jose Mourinho. Their names are mentioned.

Chelsea have also held face-to-face talks with some of the managers named. Representatively, coach Enrique and coach Nagelsmann were reported to have met with the Chelsea leadership. But Chelsea’s choice is still unclear.

In this situation, a person who voluntarily resigned as a director candidate appeared. He is manager Nagelsmann, who even met with a potential candidate, Chelsea. Why did you make this choice? It’s because he’s fed up with Chelsea’s ‘octopus-style’ contact.

England’s ‘Daily Mail’ reported, “Nagelsmann met with the Chelsea leadership last week and had a hard conversation. However, Nagelschmann has now decided to end talks with Chelsea. He himself has withdrawn from the Chelsea managerial nomination.” .

“Nagelsmann is fed up with the fact that Chelsea are in contact and talking to so many different candidates. He has the impression that Chelsea’s talks with him are a formality.”

At the same time,안전놀이터 the media said, “As coach Nagelsmann stepped down, Pochettino became the most likely candidate for Chelsea’s next manager. On the other hand, coach Nagelsmann decided to turn to Tottenham manager.”

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