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When you have faults, do not fear to abandon them


“I’m not worried anymore” Kim Won-hyung laughed, ‘Kim Won-hyung Kids’ prepare for Hasan

“I missed the timing to expunge once. But without him, one inning…”

SSG coach Kim Won-hyung, who resigned on the 19th, was relieved saying, “Choi Min-joon can wait from today” ahead of the Lotte match. let out a sigh of Choi Min-jun did not start for more than 10 days after the match against Kiwoom on the 7th, which aroused many people’s curiosity. It has already been known and reported that there is a symptom of choking in the throat, but he took 10 days off from a player who thought he would come back after 3 to 4 days off. The symptoms lasted longer than expected. But that didn’t mean he was left out of the first-team roster.토토사이트

Coach Kim said that if he had known it would last this long, he would have canceled the first team entry, adding that it was very regretful to play 1 inning while running Pilseung Group in the absence of Choi Min-jun. It was not easy to replace Choi Min-joon’s usual duties with someone else. It can also be heard as a part of acknowledging Choi Min-joon’s performance this season.

Choi Min-joon is his representative ‘Kim Won-hyung Kids’. After graduating from Gyeongnam High School, Choi Min-joon, who was nominated for SSG’s 2nd round (15th overall) in 2018, enlisted without any outstanding first-team results. After he was discharged, his command tower had changed. It was directed by Kim Won-hyung. Coach Kim had his eye on Choi Min-joon, and he saw him as a lumberjack who could succeed even in long relief or as a winning team in the bullpen. He doesn’t have very fast velocity, but he has stamina, and the angle of his curve and breaking ball is good, he saw.

He was a player who always took the nagging of coach Kim to himself, but this year is different. He emerged as the core of the SSG bullpen with a 2.37 ERA with 3 wins, 1 loss and 4 holds in 18 games for the season. He does not have an overwhelming pitch, but as manager Kim said, he pitches aggressively, reducing his walks and catching opposing batters. As a player who can handle more than one inning at any time, coach Kim used it effectively at some point in the 5th to 8th innings.

Choi Min-joon is not the only Kim Won-hyung kids who are doing well this season. Oh Won-seok (22), who started to be hired in earnest after Kim Won-hyeong took over as manager, started the season more spectacularly. He recorded 4 wins and 1 loss with an ERA of 2.96 in 8 games of the season, and he is very active in the SSG starting lineup. While other players have been absent one by one due to injuries and management, Oh Won-seok is consistently playing and achieving good results. Among the selection of native lefties in the league, there are few players who perform as well as Oh Won-seok.

In 8 games, he showed strong inning digestion of 45⅔ innings, and the hit rate was 0.224 and the number of on-base per innings allowed (WHIP) was 1.16, maintaining good numbers. He also allowed just 14 walks while striking out 40. On the 17th, he won the game against NC in Changwon with a good pitching of 5⅔ innings without a loss.

Oh Won-seok is a pitcher who pleases coach Kim and the fans in that he is a player who evolves every year. In 2022, compared to 2021, ball control, restraint, and game management were all better. And this year he has gone up a notch. This is especially true of his breaking ball. He became better at controlling pace and improved his control. In the match against NC on the 17th, he put the curve into the strike zone on the first and second pitches and made a count, which was also impressive. There are not many hitters who go in after the curve from the first pitch, but Oh Won-seok made good use of the psychology of such an opponent. Hitters now have to pay attention to the curve as well.

Manager Kim said, “Now, in the case of (Oh) Won-seok, I don’t worry even if he goes on the mound. I’m no longer worried about walks. That’s why the release point is stable. There is no pitcher who doesn’t give walks, but he has definitely improved compared to before. It seems like he knows what release point he throws from now,” he said. “The curve has improved, and it’s now possible to insert and remove sliders. I’ve become a pitcher who throws well with strikes.”

Both players received a lot of praise, but they also received a lot of nagging. It may have been the director’s impatience or regret, who was convinced that he could improve further. However, now he has become a ‘player you don’t have to worry about’ and ‘a player who is empty without it’. In the middle of the mountain, coach Kim and the SSG coaching staff guide the two young players, and now it seems that they are preparing to descend to show off their skills. This symbolizes that SSG is capturing the present and the future at the same time.

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